Fighting the Standard of Satan

When we enlist in our Lord’s army and fight under His Standard, we belong entirely to Him.  We want to avoid all the snares of the devil—the world, and the flesh.

In this present article we want to warn our readers about the many tricks of the devil in our times.  We must be aware of the evils we face day-to-day.  On one hand we develop a thick skin to withstand the world, but on the other hand, we do not want to become desensitized to these evils.

·         We must do our best to keep away from the world’s influences – TV, Internet, smart phones, and the media’s lies.


·         We must not immerse ourselves in the things of the world.  While we pity those with body piercings, tattoos[1], and odd-colored hair, we should do our best to not get callous to these pagan, worldly disorders.


·         We must become educated about the tactics of the leftists and their agenda[2]


·         We must loathe the wretched and satanic modern “music”, e.g., Heavy-metal Rock, Rap, and many other varieties of trash “music”.


·         We must not be naïve about the occult agenda which is promoting Harry Potter books and movies and similar entertainment.


·         We must not condone movies and the like.  Remember, the one-worlders have used the entertainment industry since its conception as a means to push their agenda.  Hollywood has never been on the side of Christ the King.


·         There is currently a blatant push to accept the public worship of Satan.


·         There is likewise a push for immorality in the most grotesque forms, including unnatural vice.


·         There is a major push to kill life – the unborn, the newly born, the sick, the elderly, etc.


·         There is a major push to worship the planet, e.g., save Mother Earth from “you-name-it, they’ll claim it”: global warming[3], global cooling[4], etc.


·         There is constant pressure to refrain from speaking the truth for fear of not fitting in with the globalists’ agenda.

In short, all of the things which foster man’s efforts to serve God well and save his soul are being attacked and undermined in our current times. 

Let us fight back against these attacks of the enemy by:

Ø  Getting informed and staying informed;


Ø  Uniting ourselves to the will of God;

Ø  Praying for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart;

Ø  Being resigned to the Providential Will of God;

Ø  Praying with gratitude to God for enlightening us about the evils and dangers that surround us;


Ø  Praying for fortitude to withstand the attacks of the enemy and to be willing to die for the sake of truth if God should so will this for us;

Ø  Offering up sacrifices and penance to make reparation for all the evils of our times;

Ø  Praying for the conversion and the fortitude of the Pope, the hierarchy, and the world; and

Ø  Praying for each other, dear fellow-readers of the Catholic Candle.