The Leftist Attack on Personal Resilience

The Marxists and Leftists are intentionally undermining the moral fiber of society and the personal resilience of the people.  These enemies of Christ attempt to promote the idea that all people are fragile, and to convince the individual members of the public that they are so.

The Marxists’ motive is plain: no one can effectively resist their ongoing revolution and political power-grab if he believes himself to be:


  dependent on the Big Brother establishment (the “nanny state”) to take care of him,

  dependent on the government to give him money, (handouts/freebies, a so-called “minimum basic income”),

  dependent on a continual supply of “attitude adjusters” (anti-depressants) to “solve” his “mental” and emotional problems,

  dependent because of addictions due to the Leftists legalizing and promoting cannabis, opioids, and other hallucinogenic drugs,

  traumatized and “triggered”[1],

  frightened or disturbed by so-called “misgendering”, “transphobia”, or “microaggressions”,



  suffering from disruptive–impulsive disorder,

  continually needing “therapists” and counselors,


  suffering from ADHD,

  Enfeebled by an obsession with pornography (which the Leftists make widely available),

  weak and helpless,

  suffering from OCD (“Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”), and/or

  other “disorders”.

A man cannot direct his efforts, attention, and will-power to resist the Marxist power-grab when that man is (or believes himself to be) so broken, dysfunctional, and constantly needing to keep his appointments to “treat” his attention deficit disorder (or other such “disorders”).

The Leftists promote the idea that, if something goes wrong in a person’s life, he is entitled to become emotional and upset if the government does not swoop in and take care of him, making everything better like a nanny swooping in to help a small child who falls on the floor of the nursery. 

The Leftists want each person to believe that he has a right to expect that a “government safety net” will protect him from everything, cushion his every misfortune, assuage his every hurt, and treat his every wound.

The Leftists want to avoid a man being resourceful, provident, hard-working, honest, courageous, self-sacrificing, self-controlled, self-reliant, virtuous, and taking responsibility for his own decisions, choices, and actions.

An important result of our Holy Catholic Faith is that it is the greatest source of genuine resilience which has ever existed.  We Catholics must strive to completely conform our wills to God’s Will.  We know that everything that happens to us which is out of our control, is for our good and is a source of good for us.

We know infallibly that God’s Will is always the best and wisest.  What a comfort!  We know that all things, including tribulations,work together unto the good, for those who love God”.  Romans, 8:28.

This Catholic resilience is completely unlike the fake, modern “resilience” of the ungodly, which is mostly self-deception and “positive thinking”.  (Somewhat similar to this fake, modern “resilience” is the sham resilience of the Stoics of ancient times, which was actually mere endurance, not real resilience.)

We close with one example showing the extent to which the Leftists have succeeded in largely destroying the character and resilience of the people in our society.  This example concerns the fragility on display at the Leftist-controlled U.S. State Department.  The example shows how our current bizarre world is stranger-than-fiction and beyond parody.

The State Department (which has been entirely captured by the Leftists) was recently developing a computer program to more easily allow its employees to declare their “preferred pronouns” (e.g., “she/her/hers” or “he/him/his”).[2]

But a system-wide email glitch temporarily (and randomly) assigned pronouns and inserted them on the email “from” lines of all State Department personnel.[3]

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the State Department’s Chief Information Officer both apologized profusely.  Blinken stated that he knew how “distressing” it was for department personnel that the computer system randomly assigned “preferred pronouns” to them.[4]

Because so many people were “triggered” by this glitch, the State Department offered all staff free “professional counseling” to help them “recover” from their “distress” at being “misgendered”.[5]

Resilience is a sort of heartiness in a person’s character.  We increasingly see the opposite in people’s characters today – they instead resemble a house of cards – ready to collapse at the smallest mishap or puff of air.

Obtaining this genuine resilience is certainly not the main reason we embrace the true Catholic Faith.  But it is one additional blessing that God gives to His friends.

This is another reason to be grateful for the countless blessings He gives us.  In return, Christ the King wants us to fight for Him, which is a great privilege and is our life’s work.

Let us fight against this Leftist power-grab by promoting the virtues and strength of character which are the resilience that the Leftists attack.  Let us fight together side-by-side, in the trenches of the Church Militant, for our Noble and Divine King!

[1]           Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “trigger” as follows: to cause an intense and usually negative emotional reaction in (someone)