There is No Such Thing as Luck

Patience and Appreciating God’s Providence During Adversity

Webster defines luck as “events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual.”  The truth is that all events or circumstances – except sin – come from and are controlled by God for your happiness on earth and perfect happiness in eternity in heaven.

God provides the power for these circumstances and events.  So, if you worry about anything, it means you don’t trust God to do what is best for you.

It is hard to believe, but true, that you are just one among billions of people on earth, and God deals with you one-on-one in everything that concerns you.  Keep in mind what God has already done for you: created you, suffered and died for you, and keeps you in existence.  So, God’s will is always the best and wisest.  All things, including tribulationswork together unto the good, for those who love God”.  Romans, 8:28.

You must realize that if at first something from God looks like a real problem for you: like losing your job, or your best friend marries your fiancée, etc., you may over time eventually realize it was a blessing.  God took this or that away from you because it was leading you toward your loss of salvation.  God only does what is best for those who love Him.

Of course, you can ask God for what you think is best for you, and it might be, and you will get it if it is good for your happiness on earth and/or your future salvation.  But if in reality it is not, you would not want Him to give it to you, would you?  Even living in this time of great apostasy without an uncompromising priest and the Sacraments, is for our own good.  In the future, it will be evident that God did what ensures the temporal and eternal happiness of His elect.

You must wait and let His providential plan play out, and then you will see His goodness and generosity.  It can be hard, I know, to picture this, but be patient.