The Conciliar Church is Anti-God and is a Cult of Man

The Conciliar Church is Anti-God and is a
Cult of Man

All religions – with the notable exception of the Catholic religion – are man-made.  The Catholic Faith was established by God to give grace for the salvation of souls.  This salvation is accomplished mainly through Our Lord’s Passion and Death, renewed in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

The Second Vatican Council’s conciliar church has an anti-God Cult-of-Man service which they deceptively call “the mass” but which gives no grace.  Without grace, one loses the Faith.

Webster’s Dictionary tells us a cult is a faddish devotion.  It is the faddish devotion of man in the conciliar church service.  Speaking for the council, at its close, Pope Paul VI addressed the “modern humanists” (an anti-God movement) and told them that “we too, in fact, we more than others, honor mankind.”

Below is a partial list of facts of the Catholic Tridentine Sacrifice of the Mass and Sacraments, along with the Faith-destroying changes made by the conciliar church to their anti-God Cult-of-Man service and sacraments.

  Fact #1:  The Mass is the Sacrifice of the New Law in which Christ, through the ministry of the priest, offers Himself to God in an unbloody manner under the appearance of bread and wine.[1]   St. Paul implies this when he says, “We have an altar (i.e., not a table) from which they (i.e., the Jews) have no right to eat”.[2]

Faith-destroying Change #1:  The conciliar “mass” is not a sacrifice but a meal on a table, not an altar.  It is an occasion to socialize, i.e., shake hands, hug and kiss, and be entertained.  It sometimes features dancing girls or clowns, for example.  The priest is “the presider.” 

  Fact #2:  In a Catholic church, the Tabernacle – which holds the Body and Blood of Our Lord – is in the center of the altar, at the front of the church, for maximum attention and worship.


Faith-destroying Change #2:  In a conciliar church they moved the Tabernacle to one side, almost out of sight and all but forgotten.  This clears the table and re-focuses attention on the meal.

  Fact #3:  The main purposes of the priesthood are “to offer (the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass), bless, preach, and baptize” [3] (i.e., all Sacraments).

Faith-destroying Change #3:  In the conciliar church meal, the “cook” is called the presider and sits on a “throne” in place of the Tabernacle that was moved off to the side.  Almost anyone can preach from the pulpit, male or female.  Diversity is all-important.  You can be certain that the sermons will be liberal and modernist.

  Fact #4:  For a Tridentine Mass, there is always strict silence in order to move the mind and heart to worship and pray.


Faith-destroying Change #4:  Silence at the meal is not necessary for those in attendance.  Instead they are asked to shake hands, hug, or kiss to promote friendliness.

  Fact #5:  Mass attendance is required every Sunday and Holy Day for all baptized Catholics, especially those who are 7 years old or older.

Faith-destroying Change #5:  Attendance at their “mass” is treated as not obligatory – you are “required” to attend only if you really want to.  Or as they say, if it’s “meaningful to you”.  You’re not obliged to go if you really want to do other things instead.  However, conciliar leaders start to push for attendance if the collection basket runs too low.

  Fact #6:  You always dress for Mass in clothes that demonstrate your respect for Christ the King, Whom you will receive in Holy Communion.

Faith-destroying Change #6:  Dress as you wish, for comfort or according to the latest fad.   Anything goes; modesty is irrelevant.

  Fact #7:  Only devout, holy, and religious music is allowed in order to ensure that the best that man has to offer is presented to our Creator.  It is designed to be prayerful and to lift hearts and minds to God.  It is principally a cappella or is accompanied by an organ. 

Faith-destroying Change #7:  The musical instrument of choice at their “meal” is the guitar, playing the latest fad tunes.  Worship and prayer are not involved, so the latest tune is best for entertainment.

  Fact #8:  In the Sacrament of Confession, we accuse ourselves of our sins to a priest who has the authority to give absolution.[4]  The penitent must accept and complete the penance given.

Faith-destroying Change #8:  One “has a discussion with” a priest to help the person to reconcile with his fellow man (not with Our Lord).  Because the conciliar church teaches that no one goes to hell (i.e., universal salvation), God is not involved.

  Fact #9:  The priesthood is reserved specifically for male persons because Our Lord decreed this while on earth, when founding His Church.  This includes restricting servers and acolytes to boys.

Faith-destroying Change #9:  In the conciliar church females serve, preach, and distribute communion.  (!)  In some dioceses, there are women priests (undercover for now, but not for much longer).  And as for the communion they distribute in conciliar churches, it is an interesting fact that those who promote the black mass do not want conciliar hosts because they don’t think they are really the Body and Blood of Our Lord.  They want Hosts from a valid Tridentine Mass.

The conciliar church, without grace, has lost the Faith and destroyed the human element of the Catholic Church, along with all its affiliated religious organizations (e.g., the missions, the schools, the seminaries, the convents).  Without grace and with the resultant loss of faith, don’t expect anything but faith-destroying liberalism, modernism, and heresies from the hierarchy in Rome until the triumph of the Immaculate Heart, after the consecration of Russia. 

Isn’t it amazing (really shocking) how the devil and church leaders in Rome were able to convince the vast majority of Catholics to give up the teachings of their Catholic Faith and join the conciliar church with all those faith-destroying changes?  It is even more painful that the now-liberal N-SSPX wants very much to be “recognized” and accepted as part of this evil Cult-of-Man conciliar church.  How can they possibly want to make a deal with them?  But they do.

We must pray and do penance to offset such evil!  We must also fight against the conciliar church wherever possible for it is an evil new church from the Second Vatican Council, deceptively called “Catholic,” but which it is so in name only.


[2]           Hebrews, 13:10.


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