Want to Make Only Your Best Decisions – And No Mistakes?

For a happy life – with no stress – make your many daily decisions by asking God what He wants you to do.

Whatever be the affair, enter with Moses into the tabernacle to ask advice of the Lord, (and) return instructed in many things present and to come.[1]

Further, we should gladly place ourselves entirely in God’s Hands:

Lord, I willingly commit all things to You, for my anxiety can profit me little.  But I would that I were not so concerned about the future, and instead offered myself without hesitation to Your good pleasure.[2]

God knows what is best for you.  How do you know what God wants?  Well, you know He loves you very much.  He suffered and died for you.  Each time you ask Him what to do, remember that He knows all things and wants you to do His Will. 

Of course, you must study the traditional Faith to better understand that God created you to be happy on earth and to be perfectly happy with Him in heaven.  He knows the best way for you to attain this happiness.

He will tell you if only you will listen.  That’s the crux of the problem: most people don’t listen because they want to follow their own will, not God’s.  They know deep down that God is right yet they refuse to listen when His Will conflicts with their own.  They will be sorry and unhappy for their prideful mistake.  It seems they never learn.

So, start out with a deep love for God and with a firm determination that you will follow His all-knowing answer to your question (viz., what you should do).  With this frame of mind, and following your strong resolution not to commit even the smallest sin, all your actions will be the right ones – for the greater honor and glory of God.

Listen here to the voice of Christ:

My Child, I am the Lord Who gives strength in the day of trouble.  Come to Me when all is not well with you.  Your tardiness in turning to prayer is the greatest obstacle to heavenly consolation, for before you pray earnestly to Me you first seek many comforts and take pleasure in outward things.  Thus, all things are of little profit to you until you realize that I am the one Who saves those who trust in Me, and that outside of Me there is no worthwhile help, or any useful counsel or lasting remedy.[3]

Amen, amen, I say to you that if you ask the Father anything in My name, He will give it to you.[4]

Do not concern yourself about the best way to approach a loving God.  Remember, talk to Him like a friend you trust, and ask “What should I do?” in this or that situation.  As noted above, listen closely and follow through on what He tells you even if it is hard to do, since you know deep down that He is right.




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