An Effective Response to Protestants about Praying to Mary

Protestant sects all belong to the devil, although many individual protestants do not know that fact.  One of the devil’s deceptions is to cause them to refuse to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary and also to seek to dissuade others from praying to her.

For example, one of the Catholic Candle Team was silently praying his morning rosary on public transportation, when a protestant woman sat down next to him.  She looked him in the eye and declared: “You don’t have to pray to Mary.  I go right to Jesus.”  This woman was Hispanic and was plausibly an apostate Catholic.

Of course, when attempting to lead people to the Holy Catholic Faith, there are different approaches suitable for different situations based on what principles and “starting points” such people will acknowledge.  But when a protestant (or a protestantized Catholic) declares to you that we should not pray to Mary but instead “go right to Jesus”, try responding to that protestant, saying:

The next time you are talking to Jesus, ask Him if He also wants you to talk with His Mother, or whether He prefers that you ignore her.”

It is our experience that the protestant looks thoughtful, perhaps surprised, and has a new perspective to “take home” and think about.  After that, pray for that protestant, that this “seed” will germinate and flourish.