Do You Want to Be Happy and Live Without Worry or Stress?

I’m sure you do.  We all do.  But most people don’t want to live in the way through which they will achieve that goal – which is to live a life solely for the greater honor and glory of God.  Instead, they want to live a life of pleasure and to be well-liked and popular.  Here is some of what it takes to achieve that happy life:

He who attributes any good to himself hinders God’s grace from coming into his heart, for the grace of the Holy Ghost seeks always the humble heart.[1]

We must live our life as God wants us to live, not as we want.  Of course, the life God wants for us begins with a regular prayer life.  We must pray much – (St. Paul instructs us to “Pray without ceasing”.  1 Thessalonians, 5:17.

Next, we must study Christ and His teachings from the many traditional Catholic books, such as The Imitation of Christ, Catechism of the Council of Trent, St. Alphonsus de Liguori’s Books on Our Lord’s Incarnation and His Passion and Death.  Our Lord tells us the disposition we must have for that study:

I am He Who in one moment so enlightens the humble mind that it comprehends more of eternal truth than could be learned by ten years in the schools.  I teach without noise of words or clash of opinions, without ambition for honor or confusion of argument.[2]

Under these conditions, we will find our study of Christ so rewarding because to know God is to love God.  We will discuss things with Him often, and as our Good Friend.  He will always respond with the correct answer.  We will understand that God is all-knowing, generous, and wants us to be happy on earth, and later, much happier, with Him in heaven.   He will do only what is best for us.  We will learn to love Him as a trusted Friend, living the life that God wants for us – a happy one without stress or worry.

So, e.g., if we were interviewing for a desirable job, we should respond during the interview as if God were questioning us.  Or, when speaking during an important company meeting, speak as God wants us to.  Speaking and living as God wants — what could be better for you?  We can have real confidence that it will ensure a happy, worry-free life, and that God will do the best for us.  But if something unusual happens, we won’t worry because we know it is in our best interests.

However, as stated above, we must thoroughly study Christ’s life on earth.  His Life shows us everything we need to know – how to live, and to speak, and to pray.  This life – our “new” life – is ready for us.  Let’s start today!  God will bless our efforts, and remember: we must be saints to get into heaven.

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