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Words to Live by – from Catholic Tradition

Let us live with a serious spiritual purpose, not for pleasure and entertainment

Life is serious!  Here is what the Council of Trent teaches us concerning how we should spend our lives:

The whole life of a Christian ought to be one of continual penance.

Council of Trent, Session 14, chapter 9.

Catholic Candle’s 2023 Catholic Calendar

The Catholic Candle’s 2023 Traditional Catholic calendar is available here. It is free to download and freely distributable.



What we hold

Concerning “Psychological” Counseling


In St. Thomas Aquinas’ Commentary on Aristotle’s Treatise on the Soul (“De Anima”), St. Thomas shows the truth that, aside from medical problems in the brain as a bodily organ which are caused by disease or physical trauma, what people need, who have “psychological” problems, is wise advice, sometimes over a prolonged period, about how to change their thinking about life and what moral choices they should make. 


Thus, what is needed by people who have “psychological” problems is not someone with a particular academic degree or license but rather an advisor who has the virtue of Prudence, the Gift of the Holy Ghost which is called “Counsel”, and the other virtues and Gifts of the Holy Ghost.

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Angelic Doctor Academy

We would like to introduce Angelic Doctor Academy, a Traditional Catholic homeschool for grades 9 – 12 (lower grades coming soon).  We think Traditional Catholics will appreciate our unique and militantly Traditional Catholic curriculum.  We have written many new textbooks because we saw the problems in many books commonly used, whether they were history, science, or in other disciplines.  We think Catholic parents – especially busy mothers – will appreciate our unique grading system in which we correct everything, including handwritten essays.  This allows the parents to concentrate on teaching, explaining, and keeping order.   Please visit to learn more.   Mention that you are a Catholic Candle subscriber for a 10% discount on materials.  Thank you!