Live Preparing for Your Particular Judgment

We should live our life today as if we will face God for our Particular Judgment tomorrow.  God is the Judge at our Particular Judgment, and we have to give an account of our whole life: every thought, word, act, or omission.

More specifically, Jesus Christ as Man will be our Judge at the Particular Judgment.  Before Him each soul must stand.  The soul will stand in the awful presence of God the Son, to give and account of its whole life: of every thought, word, act, and omission.

Neither does the Father judge any man, but all judgment He has given to the Son.

St. John’s Gospel, 5:22.

A man’s whole life will be spread before him like a great picture.  He will remember everything, although he might have forgotten much at the moment of death.  How he will wish then that he had done only good![1]

He who dies in mortal sin, even if only with one single mortal sin, will be sent at once to hell.[2]

How can we be careless about a matter of such importance, when we are absolutely certain of being judged by God?  “For what shall I do, when God shall rise to judge?” Job, 31:14.[3]

One of the most important “topics” of our Particular Judgment, is whether we have compromised our perfect Catholic Faith.

Webster defines “compromise” as “coming to an agreement by concession” or “making a shameful concession.” It is no secret that today’s N-SSPX has become liberal following the death of its founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1991.  

Thus, today’s followers of the Society – in order to remain in it – have had to compromise and accept its very liberal teachings.  At the top of the list of such compromises is the disgrace of accepting parts of the evil anti-Catholic Second Vatican Council with the insistence that it was okay to accept VII because the council “it was just misunderstood”.  The “new” SSPX also teaches many other errors which jeopardize the faith of their followers.

The conclusion is inescapable in our minds:  Today’s “new” liberal SSPX is not the same SSPX of Archbishop Lefebvre.  Here are a few of the reasons we hold this.

1.    The SSPX previously taught that the rubella vaccine and other vaccines developed through abortion are always sinful.  By contrast, the SSPX now says this same rubella vaccine is justifiable for some people and similarly justified are the COVID vaccines which were also developed through abortion.[4] 

2.    The SSPX says it now accepts 95% of Vatican II[5] and says that Vatican II contains no direct heresy and “not so many” errors.[6] 


3.    The SSPX now teaches that the religious liberty taught by Vatican II is “a very, very limited one, very limited”.[7]  The truth is that the scope of religious liberty that Vatican II teaches is unlimited as long as public order is not breached.[8]


4.       The new SSPX falsely teaches that “many Vatican II texts are traditional”.[9]  The truth is that there are no traditional documents of Vatican II (much less “many”). 


5.       Among these Vatican II documents, is Lumen Gentium.  The SSPX now teaches that this document is free from errors/liberalism.[10]  The truth is that there are hundreds of liberal and false statements in Lumen Gentium?[11] 


6.    The SSPX called the new mass “Holy Mass”.[12]  Besides this, the SSPX now calls the Traditional Mass by its conciliar name, viz., the “Extraordinary Form”.[13]  The “new” SSPX teaches that the new mass is good (though not as good as the Traditional Mass), by likening the new mass to a tin trumpet, and likening the Traditional Mass to a silver trumpet.[14] 

7.    Indeed, while Bishop Fellay was superior general, he attended the new mass and afterwards praised it.[15]  His two assistants (who were second and third in authority in the SSPX) also attended a new mass on another occasion.[16]  The SSPX has blamed the dispute between the Vatican and the “old” SSPX concerning the new mass, on how “profound” Archbishop Lefebvre’s “motives” were and the bewilderment of the SSPX priests and followers because they were “fed up” with the “way in which the new mass was being celebrated.”[17]  Bishop Fellay says that “what needs to be corrected” in the new mass are things like making a better vernacular translation.[18]  By contrast, the truth is that the new mass itself (even in Latin, and under the “best” conditions) is evil and sacrilegious.


8.    The “new” SSPX falsely indicates that Pope Francis abides in the truth, and is preserved from error.[19]  When he was superior general, Bishop Fellay declared that he is “very happy” with a lot of what Pope Francis teaches.[20]  Bishop Fellay falsely says that Pope Francis’s Amoris Laetitia is like a “beautiful boat” with a “very small” hole in it.[21]  This SSPX praise is false and liberal and the SSPX is minimizing the evil of Pope Francis’s teachings.


9.    We know that Jesus Christ is God.  For this reason, Mary is the Mother of God because she is the mother of a Person Who is God.  For the same reason, the Jews committed Deicide because they killed a Person Who is God.  Vatican II contradicted the traditional teaching from the time of the apostles, that the Jews committed Deicide.[22]  The SSPX has adopted this conciliar error and denies the Church’s teaching that the Jews did commit Deicide.[23] 


10. Catholics should not hold it as certain that we will go to heaven.  But the liberal SSPX now teaches that Hope makes us certain of going to heaven.[24]  The “new” SSPX is teaching the vice of presumption not the Theological Virtue of Hope. 


11. The new SSPX falsely teaches that Vatican II does good, because the “Second Vatican Council … illuminates – i.e. deepens and further makes explicit – some aspects of the life and of the doctrine of the Church”.[25]  The truth is that Vatican II does no good.


12. Among countless other conciliar errors, is the error that there supposedly exist “degrees of being in communion with the Catholic Church”.[26]  The “new” SSPX indicates it accepts this conciliar theory by now using the term of “full communion”, as if there were any other kind.  Id.


13. While he was superior general, Bishop Fellay said that Pope Francis’s exhortation on marriage “contains many things that are correct and beautiful”.[27]  This is false!  These teachings on marriage are vile and are thoroughly-conciliar.


14. The SSPX teaches that Vatican II’s Optatam Totius is free from errors/liberalism.  The truth is that there are many liberal and false statements in this conciliar document.[28] 


15. The “new” SSPX published an article about Islam’s hostility toward other religions.  This article stressed the importance of religious liberty for every religion and omitted to state the Catholic truth that error (including religious error) has no rights.[29]  The truth is that only the true Catholic Faith has the right to be taught.[30]


16. The “new” SSPX says we must continually change.[31]   This echoes the conciliar hierarchy, which continually emphasizes the need to change, to “renew” ourselves, and to “ride the wave of revolution of faith”.[32]

17. The conciliar church refers to promotion of conciliar errors as The New Evangelization.[33]   The “new” SSPX proudly declared that Pope Francis sees the SSPX as a help in The New EvangelizationId.  How could this happen without the “new” SSPX showing a willingness to promote conciliar errors?

18. The SSPX now blurs or even omits the difference between the Catholic Church and the modernist conciliar church.[34]  Archbishop Lefebvre made this clear distinction.[35]

19. The SSPX and Archbishop Lefebvre used to say that the indult groups “are doing the devil’s work”.[36]  Now the SSPX treats those groups as colleagues in the Lord’s vineyard.[37]

20. When he was superior general, Bishop Fellay said that by an agreement with Rome, the SSPX “will return to the Church”.[38]  The truth is that faithful and informed Catholics (i.e., Traditional Catholics) have always been in the Church.


21. The liberal “new” SSPX promotes the error that everyone is in the state of grace.[39]

Plainly, the “new” SSPX is liberal and teaches conciliar heresy.  Why their followers didn’t wake up and leave could be due to having a “hard” conscience.  As is shown in many Catholic Candle articles, a sensitive and informed conscience is critical to salvation.  Without such a conscience one cannot get to heaven.

Here is one way that St. John of the Cross, the Church’s Mystical Doctor, teaches this truth:

God desires the smallest degree of purity of conscience in you more than all the works you can perform.

St. John of the Cross, Saying of Light and Love, #12.

Here is how The Imitation of Christ teaches this truth:

A pure and good conscience shall bring more joy than learned philosophy. Then shall the contempt of riches far outweigh all treasures of the children of earth ….  Learn to suffer now in little things, that thou mayest be delivered from more grievous  sufferings ….  All is vanity except to love and serve God alone”.[40]

We should help the followers of today’s liberal N-SSPX by informing ourselves so that we can help to inform them.  We should stand our ground and our lives should demonstrate that one can live a holy, devout Catholic life without Sacraments for as long a period as God Wills for us.  Catholic history has given us many examples from past centuries for us to follow.

As we know, God understands what is best for us at all times.  So, thank Him for all He is doing and has done for us.  He will neither lead us astray, nor will He be outdone in His generosity to those serving Him.



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Quoted from the Bishop Fellay June 30, 2018 interview found at:


Despite what Bp. Fellay says in the quote above, the “motu proprio” does not free the Traditional Mass for faithful and informed Catholics.


Further, he misleads Catholics about the so-called lifting of the excommunications.

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Faith makes us know God: we believe in Him with all our strength but we do not see Him. Our faith, therefore, needs to be supported by the certitude that some day [sic] we will see our God, that we will possess Him and willl [sic] be united to Him forever. The virtue of hope gives us this certitude by presenting God to us as our infinite good and our eternal reward.

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[35]         For example, here is Archbishop Lefebvre relating his discussion with then-Cardinal Ratzinger: 


Cardinal Ratzinger repeated it many times, “But Monsignor, there is only one Church, you mustn’t make a parallel church.” I told him: “Your Eminence, it is not us who are forming a parallel Church, as we are continuing the Church of all times, it is you who are forming the parallel church for having invented the Church of the Council, which Cardinal Benelli called the Conciliar Church; it is you all who have invented a new church, not us, it is you who have made the new catechisms, new Sacraments, a new Mass, a new liturgy, not us. We continue to do what was done before. We are not the ones who are forming a new church.

Econe, Press Conference, June 15, 1988.  There are many other examples of Archbishop Lefebvre distinguishing between the Catholic Church and the conciliar church.


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