In case you missed it — February 2024

Catholic Candle update to the article below: After the publication of the thorough, major study discussed in the article below, the journal which published the study apparently faced tremendous political pressure and caved into that pressure without giving any serious scientific reasons (in our opinion) for retracting the peer-reviewed study that it had published.  (Indeed, we had originally marveled at the bravery of this journal because of the pressure that we anticipated the journal would receive.)

The study’s authors gave an excellent response to that political retraction, which you can read here:

In Catholic Candle’s opinion, that retraction for political reasons does not affect the scientific cogency of the study, or our recommendation of this study, or the force of the article below.  Instead, this retraction seems to simply be a further example of how the truth is censored when it opposes the leftists’ political agenda.

The COVID-19 “Vaccine’s” Harm
Continues to Be Further Disclosed

As Catholic Candle has shown in a January 2021 article, the first reason to avoid the COVID-19 mRNA gene therapy (which is falsely called a “vaccine”) is because it is a mortal sin of cooperating in the murders of innocent aborted babies who these pharmaceutical companies chose to use to develop the vaccine.[1]

As shown in this same article, the “new” liberal SSPX reversed it prior Traditional Catholic position and now follows the modernist Vatican in accepting the use of abortion-tainted injections including this evil Covid “vaccine”.[2]  As shown in this article, the SSPX previously condemned its current position.

In Catholic Candle’s January 2021 article, we warn of other harms which are also caused by this COVID-19 “vaccine”.[3] 

Since Catholic Candle published that article three years ago, there has been much additional evidence published about the harm caused by this COVID-19 “vaccine”.[4] 

Another study was just published on January 24, 2024.  Among its many important conclusions is:

applying these reasonable assumptions, the estimated harms of the COVID-19 mRNA injectables outweigh the rewards by nearly 14-fold.[5]

This entire study is filled with information showing the sloppiness, concealment of the truth, and other evils of the leftists pressing people to receive this evil gene therapy.  We recommend reading the entire study.  However, here we quote the conclusion section:


Careful, objective evaluation of COVID-19 mRNA product safety is crucial for upholding ethical standards and evidence-informed decision-making. Our narrative review concerning the registrational trials and the EUA’s [i.e., Emergency Use Authorization] aftermath offers evidence-informed insights into how these genetic vaccines were able to enter the market.  In the context of the two pivotal trials, safety was never assessed in a manner commensurate with previously established scientific standards either for vaccines or for GTPs [viz., gene therapy products], the more accurate classification of these products. Many key trial findings were either misreported or omitted entirely from published reports. The usual safety testing protocols and toxicology requirements were bypassed by the FDA and vaccine manufacturers, and the premature termination of both trials obviated any unbiased assessment of potential SAEs [i.e., serious adverse events ] due to an insufficient timeframe for proper trial evaluation.  It was only after the EUA that the serious biological consequences of rushing the trials became evident, with numerous cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, hematological, malignant, and autoimmune SAEs identified and published in the peer-reviewed medical literature. Moreover, the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines produced via Process 1 and evaluated in the trials were not the same products eventually distributed worldwide; all of the COVID-19 mRNA products released to the public were produced via Process 2 and have been shown to have varying degrees of DNA contamination. The failure of regulatory authorities to heretofore disclose process-related impurities (e.g., SV40) has further increased concerns regarding safety and quality control oversight of mRNA vaccine manufacturing processes.

Since early 2021, excess deaths, cardiac events, strokes, and other SAEs have often been wrongly ascribed to COVID-19 rather than to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations.  Misattribution of SAEs to COVID-19 often may be due to the amplification of adverse effects when mRNA injections are followed by SARS-CoV-2 subvariant infection.  Injuries from the mRNA products overlap with both PACS [“post-acute COVID-19 syndrome”] and severe acute COVID-19 illness, often obscuring the vaccines’ etiologic contributions. Multiple booster injections appear to cause immune dysfunction, thereby paradoxically contributing to heightened susceptibility to COVID-19 infections with successive doses. For the vast majority of adults under the age of 50, the perceived benefits of the mRNA boosters are profoundly outweighed by their potential disabling and life-threatening harms. Potential harms to older adults appear to be excessive as well. Given the well-documented SAEs and unacceptable harm-to-reward ratio, we urge governments to endorse and enforce a global moratorium on these modified mRNA products until all relevant questions pertaining to causality, residual DNA, and aberrant protein production are answered.[6]

Catholic Candle readers know that the most important reason to refuse the COVID-19 “vaccine” is because it gravely harms souls, viz., it is a mortal sin because of its link to murder.  But we should thank God for also protecting us from this evil concoction because it is such a grave harm to bodies as well.

Truly, as St. Paul infallibly teaches us, all things work together unto the Good for those who love God!  Romans, 8:28.


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