Greta Thunberg and the “Doom Coming Soon” Alarmism

There is a young woman named Greta Thunberg who is an international celebrity climate activist who is heavily sponsored and promoted by the world’s major governments and quasi-governmental bodies[1], and is honored by prestigious organizations,[2] and is highly extolled by the mainstream media.[3] 

She is thoroughly imbued with the myth of climate catastrophe and is influential because of her international acclaim.

Greta is a dupe and a tool of the leftists.  She is not well informed but has nonetheless devoted her life to expressing her concern about impending climate devastation and the need to “save the planet”.  For example, she tweeted in 2018 that mankind would be wiped out if we did not stop all fossil fuel use by 2023.  Here is the tweet[4]:

Greta’s above link to an article on cites to a prominent Harvard University professor named James Anderson, who is an atmospheric chemistry (supposed) expert.  Professor Anderson gave this dire warning that humanity will go extinct unless man stops burning all fossil fuels by 2023.

Obviously though, however much Greta was sincerely terrified in 2018 and convinced that everyone is going to die soon unless all burning of fossil fuels stops within five years (by 2023), nonetheless, she sees later that she looks foolish now (in 2024) to have predicted that all mankind will soon be dead.  So sometime after March 7, 2023, Greta deleted her tweet.[5] 

But Greta is like the rest of the climate alarmists.  Do you think she admitted she was wrong?  No.  Did she acknowledge she was foolish?  Certainly not.  Like all of the rest of these climate “Chicken Littles”, she merely conceals her irrational scaremongering quietly and goes on to predict the next catastrophe a few years further into the future. 

This is like those “all-wise clairvoyants” in a companion article to this one[6], who declared that the glaciers would be entirely gone by 2020.  It is like those “prophets of alarm” in the 1970s[7] who declared that a permanent New Ice Age would soon arrive.

Thus, Greta shows these common traits shared with the other climate alarmists:

1.    Make a wild prediction of doom;

2.    Later, quietly conceal the false prediction when it becomes obvious to everyone that it is ludicrous; and

3.    Then make the next reckless forecast.

Besides this pattern of scaremongering, the second trait that Greta exemplifies is that young liberal women as a group have a substantially higher incidence of (so-called) “mental” problems (such as diagnosed, clinical depression), as contrasted not only to young conservatives of either sex, but also as compared to even young liberal men.[8]

Greta is an example of this, too.  She is a young liberal woman and has stated publicly that she has multiple diagnosed (so-called) “mental disorders” including clinical depression.[9]

All of these considerations remind us how the Dear Lord has blessed faithful and informed Catholics!  Truly, the full Traditional Catholic Faith is a treasure beyond price and is completely undeserved by us!

Let us thank our generous Lord for this great gift!  Let us guard this gift and do all we can do to strengthen it.  The Good Lord is now giving us this time to strengthen our Faith because, it seems, we will need that stronger Faith in the times to come!

[1]           For example, she has addressed the United Nations twice, addressed the British, European, and French parliaments, met with the Chancellor of Germany, met with Pope Francis, was invited to give testimony before a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, and gave a speech at the World Economic Forum.

[2]           For example, she was made an honorary fellow of the Fellowship of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and was nominated four times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

[3]           She was included in Time’s 100 most influential people, as well as was the youngest person ever to be made Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.  She was also included in the Forbes list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

[7]           Read this article: Recalling a 1970s Climate-Change Hoax: