Glacier-Melting Alarmism

Let us consider what is sometimes called the “deep state”.  The federal government has a small number of political appointees at the top of the various departments of the federal government.  These “bosses” are usually replaced when a new president takes office.

But underneath those bosses are a myriad of “career employees” who are supposedly non-political and who cannot be fired when the political administrations are changed.  Most of those career employees are liberals/leftists (of one sort or another) and they cannot be replaced even when a more conservative governor or president takes office. 

In about the 1960s, leftist leaders declared publicly that they would fill the federal bureaucracies with leftists who could not be fired because they were not political appointees although these workers, in their viewpoints, were/are highly political leftists.  The phrasing for this, which the leftists used at the time, was that they were undertaking “a long march through the institutions”.  That this march was a “long march” indicated that the leftists knew this was not the work of a couple of years, but rather, of decades.  This leftist campaign not only targeted the federal government bureaucracies but also the universities and other institutions. 

For purposes of this article, let us take one example.  Most of the U.S. National Park Service career employees are fully onboard with the leftist agenda.  Among other ways this is true is that they strongly promote climate alarmism, such as featuring brochures, signs, and films which boldly proclaimed (before 2020) that all glaciers at Glacier National Park (in Montana) are melting away rapidly and would soon be entirely gone (viz., by 2020).[1]

Here is a photo of one of these signs[2], which was installed sometime before 2010[3]:

Glacier National Park has reportedly removed and replaced signs that say, "the glaciers will all be gone by the year 2020."

Notice that these climate-alarmist “scientists” assert that they “know” that the glaciers started forming 7000 years ago.  By our Catholic Faith, we understand that the world is only about that old.  But do these “scientists” really know when (and in particular 7000 years ago!) the present glaciers started forming (as these “scientists” assert that they know)?  That is very doubtful!

Further, these “scientists” speculate and say that they “know” that during the entirety of the last 7000 years, the glaciers never were larger than they were in the middle of the 1800s.  A thinking person would certainly consider that assertion very doubtful because that assertion would require the “experts” to know the relative sizes of the glaciers during the entire preceding 7000 years.  That is very doubtful! 

Leaving aside the shaky basis of these dubious claims, a thinking person would be able to discern the implicit admission contained in the sign above:

These “experts” say that, at the end of the particularly severe cold cycle (“The Little Ice Age”), the glaciers were at maximum size.  A thinking person would say, “of course the glaciers were at the maximum (or at least larger than they are now) at the end of the cold climate cycle called the “Little Ice Age”!  That is the whole point of a “Little Ice Age” – viz., that there is greater cold and hence, larger glaciers.

Further, the sign implicitly admits that the glaciers are shrinking (“rapidly” according to them!) because we are in a warming cycle (compared to the prior cold cycle).  So, the climate alarmists are solemnly warning that the glaciers which had grown in response to the prior cold cycle are now shrinking in response to the subsequent warming cycle.  So, what these “scientists” are really telling us is that the climate goes in cycles and we are in a warming cycle in which the glaciers are shrinking.  What “geniuses” they are!

But they are leftists (or the dupes of the leftists), so they cannot attribute this normal glacier shrinkage to these natural climate cycles.  No!  They must declare that man caused this glacier shrinkage in order that they can alarm people that these very ancient – 7000-year-old – glaciers are being lost and so (according to these “scientists”) we must fight anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming.

Notice in the sign above, the National Park Service leftists claim that there will be no more glaciers in 2020.  None.  Zip.  Nada.

But those glaciers are all still there![4]  All 29 of them!

The Park Service, however, is removing the signs warning that the glaciers will disappear any year now, because those signs now show the ridiculousness of this alarmist claim.[5]  Do the National Park Service leftists admit they were wrong?  Of course not.  They merely move on to a different alarmist claim predicting utter destruction and desolation a little further into the future. 

In this (“glaciers disappearing”) alarmism, the U.S. Park Service and U.S. Geological Survey like to display glacier photos from decades ago and compare them to more recent photos of the same location.  The problem is that those photos are dated showing the year but not the month of the year.  This is important because, every year, the glaciers grow in the winter and shrink in the summer.  So, to someone who understands how a glacier fluctuates every year, the photos do not prove anything unless we know in what month of the year the photo was snapped.

One exception to the rule (viz., that the month is not given for the glacier photos), is the photo of one of the best-known glaciers, Grinnell Glacier, taken by USGS scientist Daniel Fagre on August 26, 2010.  Knowing the month of this photo allows us to compare the photo to the same glacier at nearly the same time of the year, twelve years later, in 2022.  The 2022 photo was taken two weeks later on September 10, 2022, roughly at the time when the glaciers experience their first average freeze (which occurs on September 14).  Thus, the 2010 photo was taken before this glacier experienced its final two weeks of shrinking/thawing. 

This means that the Grinnell Glacier presumably experienced two more weeks of melting and so was smaller on the same calendar date (September 10) than it was when Fagre snapped the picture in 2010.  Here are the two photos (below).[6]  As you see, there is no apparent decrease in the size of that glacier over twelve years.

Incidentally, a team of glacier scientists from Lysander Spooner University visits Glacier National Park each September and has noted that the most famous glaciers such as the Grinnell Glacier and the Jackson Glacier appear to have been growing – not shrinking – since about 2010.  The Jackson Glacier, which is easily seen from the Going-To-The-Sun Highway may have grown as much as 25% or more over the past decade.[7]  But do the leftists admit they are scaremongers?  No.  Do they admit they are wrong?  No.  They insist that there is an emergency and ignore their past ridiculous claims. 

Let these considerations help us to put things in perspective and help us to distrust the leftists’ lies and alarmist claims which are aimed at aiding the globalist power grab.