More Information to Remind Us to Avoid the Covid “Vaccine”

Catholic Candle note: The so-called Covid “vaccine” is not really a vaccine but is really gene therapy.[1]  This “vaccine” is a mortal sin to accept just like all vaccines developed through abortion.

The SSPX used to uphold this Traditional Catholic position that vaccines developed through abortion are always mortally sinful to receive.  But the now-liberal SSPX has completely reversed itself and now accepts the conciliar position.  To read the SSPX’s prior prohibition and its current permissive words, read part 3 of this article: (citing to the SSPX’s own sources).  The “new” SSPX’s current liberal position includes permitting not only receiving abortion-related vaccines but also the Covid so-called “vaccine”.

Further, this Covid “vaccine” is very harmful in many ways, especially harming the immune system[2] and causing grave cardiac problems.[3]  As explained below, the “vaccine” offers negative protection even for Covid itself nor does it “stop the spread” as the leftists lied that it would.

The short article below is merely a reminder to avoid the Covid “vaccine” for all of these reasons.

We hope and pray that Catholic Candle’s readers had the good judgment and firmness of principles to not get the Covid jab(s).  Our lives should be a principled stance against all of the evils of our time, including this “vaccine”.

However, to help our readers to inform others, we report to you an interesting risk-benefit analysis performed recently which examined the impact of Covid booster mandates for university students.  The test group was people in the age bracket of 18-29.

As shown in the study discussed below, this risk-benefit analysis shows that the Covid gene therapy (the so-called “vaccine”) does more harm than good.  Of course, the more important point is that receiving these Covid boosters constitutes mortal sins since they are cooperating in the murders of innocent babies in abortion, and the further evil of the vivisection of those babies without anesthesia to enhance their “cell lines” for research purposes. 

But this summary of the recent interesting study reminds us to avoid this evil “vaccine” and also to not trust the leftists who control the mainstream channels of information.

The recent risk-benefit analysis on young adults

This risk-benefit analysis which was recently conducted examines the impact of booster mandates for North American university students.  It concludes that:

  Between 22,000 and 30,000 previously uninfected adults (aged 18 to 29) must be boosted with an mRNA “vaccine” to prevent one COVID-19 hospitalization.

  For each hospitalization prevented, the jab will cause 18 to 98 serious adverse events, including 1.7 to 3 “booster-associated myocarditis cases in males, and 1,373 to 3,234 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity which interferes with daily activities”.

  That means mandating a third COVID shot for university students will result in “a net expected harm”.


  The study emphasizes that the results are actually worse than that because “Given the high prevalence of post-infection immunity, this risk-benefit profile is even less favorable.”[4] 

The study concludes that university booster mandates are unethical for five reasons:

1.    There has been no formal risk-benefit assessment pertaining to this age group;


2.    The vaccine mandates may result in a net expected harm to individual young people;

3.    The mandates are not proportionate: the expected harms are not outweighed by public health benefits – given the modest and transient effectiveness of vaccines against transmission;


4.    U.S. mandates violate the reciprocity principle because rare serious vaccine-related harms will not be reliably compensated due to gaps in current vaccine injury schemes; and


5.    The mandates create wider social harms. The study’s authors consider counter-arguments such as a desire for socialization and safety and show that such arguments lack scientific and/or ethical support.

This interesting risk-benefit analysis was financed by the leftist Wellcome Trust.  The study is currently in “preprint” advanced publication.  The study’s principal author is Dr. Kevin Bardosh, from the School of Public Health, University of Washington, USA, and the Division of Infection Medicine, Edinburgh Medical School, University of Edinburgh, UK.[5]

Dear Readers, if anyone wonders why/how this study “came out of the blue”, then he is not keeping himself informed.  This study is merely one of many.

There is a constant trickle of new studies – mostly ignored by the mainstream media – showing how harmful the Covid “vaccine” is.  Each study comes from a different “angle”.  The studies are not all exactly the same but they all show, in their own way, that the Covid “vaccine” is dangerous and is harmful to the recipients.  (We also know that it is an additional mortal sin since it causes the recipients to share culpability for the murder of those innocent babies). 

Another recent news report concerns a new study from researchers in the Netherlands which shows area-by-area of that country, the close correlation between Covid “vaccine” rates and the all-cause mortality rates in those same areas.[6]  In other words, wherever, in the Netherlands, the Covid “vaccine” rate is higher, the all-cause mortality rate is higher.  Wherever one rate is lower so too is the other rate.  It makes sense to look at the all-cause mortality rates in relation to the Covid jab because it causes so many serious health problems of so many types.

Yet another recent study showed that, in college and professional athletes, there is close correlation between Covid “vaccine” uptake and career-ending heart inflammation, especially in previously-healthy young men.[7] 

A different study showed that the rate of professional athletes who are dropping dead without warning, is many times higher than the annual averages “pre-Covid-vaccine”.  As our readers might know, the professional sports leagues require Covid “vaccination” for all of their players.[8]

A further study showed a higher rate of catching Covid for those who are “vaccinated”.  These studies show a very short protective benefit, followed by “negative protection”.[9]

Another study showed a higher rate of hospitalization and a higher rate of death from Covid for those who are “vaccinated”.[10]

The “experts” are supposedly puzzled by the onset of “sudden adult death syndrome”.[11]  But people who do not gullibly believe the mainstream media lies and spin are able to “put two and two together”.

There are so many other studies.  They show, each in its own way, that the Covid “vaccine” is harmful.

A person might naively wonder why our leaders don’t know about these studies.  The answer is: they DO know!  There are several reasons why they are acting the way they are – and all of those reasons are evil, e.g., to reduce the world’s population to make it easier for the globalist to achieve control.

This is a good reminder, too, that we should not rely on the public health “experts” and mainstream media concerning the harm of accepting that booster.


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