Bishop Williamson says “Bishop” Viganò is Uncompromising

One indication of a person’s own liberalism is that he whole-heartedly endorses others who are liberal.  Bishop Richard Williamson recently said, of a conciliar supposed “bishop” (Carlo Maria Viganò), that God made him a “beacon of light” who tells “the fullness of God’s Truth”.[1]

Viganò is a supposed “bishop” whose so-called “consecration” was in the conciliar rite.

What sort of man is Viganò?  He certainly seems conservative when he is compared with the most radical modernists.  Perhaps he is more conservative than Bishop Williamson.

However, Viganò certainly is part-liberal.  And a person who is “part-liberal” is a liberal.  Viganò was a speaker at an ecumenical “prayer meeting” called the Jericho March.  Here is how the religiously-indifferent organizers of this prayer meeting explain their events: “Jericho March™ is comprised of Judeo-Christians collectively praying to God to intercede, expose a particular darkness, and bring about justice. As a community of believers, we take our petitions to heaven, and we know that our mighty and powerful God answers and can move mountains.”[2]

Here is Viganò’s December 12, 2020 speech at Jericho March:

Here is the speech of the rabbi who spoke after Viganò on the same stage of the same Jericho March:

Viganò is not a “beacon of light” who tells “the fullness of God’s Truth”!  Viganò is merely a member of the conservative wing of the modernist revolution against the Catholic Church.

Although the liberals count Viganò as an “arch conservative”, he is not.  This is like some confused or uninformed “traditional” Catholics counting Bishop Williamson as Traditional Catholic, which he is not.[3]

[1]   Here is the longer quote:

For the Philosophy Festival held in Venice two months ago, Archbishop Vigano wrote another of his splendid overviews on modern events, presenting a truly Catholic point of view such as all churchmen should be presenting, but which by the Conciliar madness the large number of them are still preventing. To the Church in its unprecedented distress approaching the end of the world (cf. Mt, XXIV), God has assuredly set aside this Archbishop as a beacon of light, to go on telling the fullness of God’s Truth which the rest of his colleagues have been more or less smothering ever since the close of the wretched Second Vatican Council over half a century ago. Here follows a summary of the Archbishop’s letter on “The Great Reset: the Latest Greatest Lie.”

Eleison Comments DCCXXXIII #733, July 31, 2021 (emphasis added).

[3]          For further analysis of some of Bishop Williamson’s many liberal teachings, see: