The “new” liberal SSPX calls the new mass “Catholic worship”


In an article about a cathedral in Spain which had been a mosque until the year 1236 A.D., the “new” SSPX says that this cathedral has had “Catholic worship … exclusively and uninterruptedly” ever since the year 1236.  Here are the N-SSPX’s words:


This ancient church, built in 584 in honor of the martyr St. Vincent of Saragossa, had been transformed into a mosque during the Arab occupation, but was re-consecrated as a cathedral in 1236.  Since that date, Catholic worship has been exclusively and uninterruptedly celebrated in it.[1]


In this way, the N-SSPX indicates that the new mass is “Catholic worship”, since the new mass is said there – as shown in photographic evidence.[2]


Notice also that the N-SSPX refers to the Mass using the term “worship”.  Although the (Traditional) Mass is worship, the term “worship” is more general than the term “Mass” and is the term used by the conciliar church and by protestants to name what they do at church.  “Worship” is a more ecumenical term because it appears to include the “prayer services” of the protestants, which are certainly not the Mass.  The N-SSPX’s transition into the conciliar church becomes smoother by adopting the conciliar manner of speaking.

[2]           To see a picture of this cathedral set up for the new mass, with a table “altar” and president’s chair in the center, see this photo:×450/45/181045-004-DC3231EE.jpg which comes from this article: