The Church Militant Must Pray for the Church Suffering

In the early years of Catholic Candle, we had access to faithful, uncompromising priests who agreed, for the greater glory of God, to keep on their altars during November a list of the names of the dearly departed loved ones of Catholic Candle readers.  Readers sent those names and they were compiled on our list of thousands.

Later, we no longer had access to any faithful, uncompromising priests.  When God wills, we will again have such good priests.  Meanwhile, it is a glorious time to be Catholic and to live for Christ the King!

However, during the interim – when few (or no) Catholic Candle readers have access to a faithful, uncompromising priest – let us all pray for each other’s dearly departed loved ones.  Soon, it will be November, the month of the Poor Souls.  We suggest that you send us the names of your departed loved ones to be added to our list and let each of us pray for “all of those whose names are on the Catholic Candle list”.  In this way, we perform a work of charity towards each other and a work of charity towards the Church Suffering.

In the future, when we again have access to faithful, uncompromising priests, we will do our best to renew our practice of having all those departed souls be remembered at the altar every year during the entire Month of the Poor Souls.