Words to Live by – from Catholic Tradition


St. Gertrude’s Example of Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence


One day when St. Gertrude was climbing a hill, she slipped and fell down to the bottom.  She was unhurt and began to climb up again, saying: “What great happiness it would have been for me, O Lord, if this fall had been the means of bringing me sooner to Thee!”  Her companions asked her if she was not afraid of dying without receiving the Last Sacraments.  “I would certainly wish with all my heart to receive them in my last moments”, she answered, “but I much prefer the will of God, for I am sure the best disposition for a good death is submission to His will.”


Quoted from Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence, the Secret of Peace and Happiness, Father Jean Baptiste Saint Jure, S.J. and Saint Claude De La Colombiere, S.J., Tan Books, 1983.