The Conciliar Church is More Anti-Catholic Than Protestant Sects

The (false) conciliar church is, in a sense, even more anti-Catholic because it is able to hide behind a trusted name: Catholic.  Catholics were always instructed to obey

what they were taught in Catholic schools, heard from the pulpit on Sundays, or read in the diocesan newspaper.  Why wouldn’t we believe what they tell us?

God “called” them to the religious life; they studied God’s word for many years, and they have our salvation at heart.

Recent history shows that this false sense of obedience is the main reason for so many of the world’s Catholics accepting the (anti-Catholic) conciliar church.  The followers of all these churches found it was easier to go along (i.e., obey) to get along, and thus avoid controversy and criticism, and so, evade the responsibility of looking into (or resisting) what they saw going on in their church.

Decentralized Authority is at the heart of anti-Catholic churches.  As church authority goes, so go the churches.  As you know,

  • It began at the time of Creation, when Lucifer declared, “Non serviam.”  

  • Luther maintained “that the pope had no more jurisdiction than the archbishop of Magdeburg or the bishop of Paris.”[1] 

  • The Anglicans placed the king of England as the supreme authority of their church in England.  

  • And now, the Second Vatican Council’s conciliar church authorities are meeting regularly in order to promote decentralization.  

This deceptive tactic has the goal of having local dioceses or area bishops’ councils making decisions not properly theirs to make.

If this push for conciliar decentralization is more fully instituted, here are a few changes you will see in the conciliar church:

  1. married priests;

  1. women priests and bishops;

  1. acceptance of unnatural lifestyles;

  1. civil divorce;

     5. elimination of Holy Days of Obligation; and

     6. meat on all Fridays.

There will be many other destructive changes – to doctrine and morals.  The conciliar hierarchy will claim that modern life is full of changes so it is only natural that religious faith has to change and keep current and relevant.  Wrong, wrong!  God does not change.

Most Catholics don’t want to believe the truth – that the conciliar church in Rome is anti-Catholic and is the seat of the anti-Christ, as predicted by Our Lady at Fatima.  This is the same anti-Catholic conciliar church by which the liberal N-SSPX very much wants to be accepted and recognized and with which the N-SSPX is willing to compromise in whatever way is “necessary”.

It is important to understand that Christ established His Divine Mystical Body, the Catholic Church, with one infallible head (i.e., the pope) to rule for Him on earth.

This doctrine is the platform that stabilized and expanded His Church worldwide, with millions of followers.  

Enemies of the Church realize that in order to eliminate the Catholic Church, they must destroy or greatly weaken God’s plan for Church authority.  Currently, Rome with a weak pope, is doing just that by having synods on changing the source of Church authority to a democracy, or to decentralized decision-making.

We must hold fast in the real Resistance, and to pray daily for Russia to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This is the solution to the problems in the human element of the Catholic Church.

[1]          The Catholic Dictionary and Encyclopedia of Religious Information, Addis & Arnold, The Catholic Publication Society, New York, ©1884, page 535.