The new liberal SSPX accepts the post-conciliar popes as saints

The saints are our models and we should follow the saints.  The “new” liberal SSPX now recognizes the conciliar popes as saints and so joins the conciliar church in giving them to us as models.

The N-SSPX tries to soften its new position by retreating into the pseudo-conservative position that those conciliar papal saints are inferior to some saints of the past and cannot do as much as those great saints in the past.  Here are the N-SSPX’s words, comparing St. Theresa of Avila to those post-conciliar, papal (false) saints:

[St. Theresa of Avila is ] a proof that one single canonized saint can do more that the myriad of saints currently being raised to the dignity of the altar after hasty and doubtful procedures.  The recent canonizations of John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II are a sorry illustration of this ….[1]

You can see the N-SSPX now officially recognizes these conciliar popes as saints.  Note too, the N-SSPX inconsistently admits the canonization procedures are hasty and doubtful.

Warning to N-SSPX followers: The N-SSPX is using gradualism against you and thereby is weakening you and conditioning you to be comfortable in the conciliar church.  Leave the N-SSPX while you still have the strength!

[1]          Quoted from:

 (emphasis added).