In case you missed it — October 2023

Catholic Candle note (about the article on the next page, concerning the “new” SSPX):  Occasionally, we call readers’ attention to some aspect of the SSPX’s liberalism.  Someone could wonder:

Why mention the SSPX any longer, since they are unimportant as merely one of very many compromise groups? 

It is true that a priest (or group) is of small importance when he (or the group) is merely one of countless compromisers.  By contrast, an uncompromising priest is of great importance, even though he is only one.

However, regarding the “new” SSPX: we sometimes mention them for at least these four reasons, motivated by charity:

  New Catholic Candle readers might not be sufficiently informed of the N-SSPX’s liberalism to avoid that group.  Out of charity for them we occasionally provide these warnings to help these new readers appreciate the danger of the N-SSPX.

  Some longtime Catholic Candle readers might forget the N-SSPX poison or vacillate in their resolution to stay away from the N-SSPX, if they never received a reminder warning about the danger of the N-SSPX.  This is like the fact that all it takes for many people to become conciliar is to never be reminded about the errors of Vatican II and the conciliar church.  Out of charity for them we occasionally provide these reminders for readers who would otherwise “forget” the danger of the N-SSPX.


  The N-SSPX serves as an important study case to examine how leaving the truth often happens.  It is a warning to us all about a very common way to depart from the truth and become unfaithful.  Out of charity for ourselves we occasionally provide these insights about what happens when a person takes this common road of compromise that the N-SSPX is taking.


  Over time, the N-SSPX provides us with a thorough catalogue of liberal compromises, and studying those compromises and errors with the contrasting Traditional Catholic truth is a helpful means of studying our Faith and guarding ourselves from the principal errors of our time.  This helps us to fulfill our duty of continually studying the doctrines of our Faith.  Out of charity for ourselves, we use the occasion of the N-SSPX’s liberalism to study our Traditional Catholic Faith better and the corresponding N-SSPX liberalism.


  If the SSPX ever abjured its liberalism, it could do great good as it used to do, without the grave problem of doubtful ordinations like most other groups.

In Case You Missed It

N-SSPX Bishop Uses Conciliar Church

The now-liberal SSPX recently held Mass and confirmations in the church of a conciliar diocese.[1]  The linked article describing this event states that the conciliar people at this church were very “welcoming”.[2]

The article includes a picture of the (now-liberal) Bishop Tissier sitting in front of this conciliar church’s “mass” table, behind which is the tabernacle stuck to the wall.[3]

The article states that that conciliar church “also offers the Traditional Latin Mass at the parish historic chapel”.  But the article does not mention that this chapel is a different building at a different location, and that the conciliar church used by the N-SSPX was a location only used for conciliar services. 

The website of this conciliar church shows that it features typical conciliar modernism such as English and Spanish “masses”, a “parish council”, and “parish synods” as well as women doing the “readings” of the “mass”[4] and administering the Ash Wednesday ashes.[5]

This conciliar hospitality was accorded with approval of the local conciliar “bishop”.[6]  This should not surprise us, since the “new” SSPX is liberal and is conciliar in many ways[7], e.g., accepting 95% of Vatican II.[8]

Faithful and informed Catholics know that such a conciliar church is a very unfitting place to pray because: 

  These churches are places of continual sacrilege;

  Catholic common sense and the love of God would make these places abhorrent to faithful and informed friends of God.

  Entering and being present in conciliar churches are occasions of scandal to others.

  Conciliar churches are places doing the devils’ work, accustoming people to the new conciliar religion, which is passed on, preached, and fostered there, amid ugliness, immodesty, banality, and heresy.

For a more thorough explanation about the evil of entering conciliar churches, read this article here: .


Note: Catholic Candle holds that the supposed “consecrations” of conciliar “bishops” is inherently doubtful and should be treated as invalid.  For further information about the doubtfulness of the conciliar “consecration” rite, read this analysis:

For more about the principle that it is our duty to treat doubtful consecrations and ordinations as invalid, read this article here:

[7]           See, e.g., articles at these links: