Every Part of God’s Life on Earth Was Needed To Make You an Ordinary Saint

Catholic Candle note: In the article below, the reference to becoming an “ordinary saint” is not a reference to becoming a saint through attending the evil novus ordo mass, a/k/a the “ordinary rite”.  The new mass is inherently evil and a sacrilege.  This evil rite does not give grace[1] or help us toward heaven.



God could have come to earth as a baby and lived His entire time on earth in this way.  That would have sufficed to open the Gates of Heaven, had He chosen that means of salvation.  But the Father wanted Christ’s life to demonstrate how we should live our lives day-by-day.  Christ spent most of His Life working as a humble carpenter.  Although He was the Creator and Lord of all things, He remained obedient not only to His Heavenly Father but also to His human foster father, St. Joseph.  For 33 years, He lived, suffered, and then after that, died for us.  Each of His virtues demonstrates how we must live to reach Heaven. 

Both His Life on earth and His Passion were tremendous helps to show just how evil sin is and how necessary it is to avoid even the smallest of venial sins.  He established a perfect Faith for us to follow, fidelity to which assures salvation.  This salvation is rather easy to achieve – we “merely” must love God and avoid sin.  That is not hard if we understand all that God has done for us – especially suffering and dying for us that we might have a chance to spend our eternity in Heaven.  If you were the only one on earth, He would have suffered and died just for you.

The perfect Faith, that is, the uncompromising Catholic Faith, is a gift, a personal gift to be nurtured with study and prayer.  Through these means, we should live our lives helping others, avoiding sin, and accepting all that happens to us as God’s will for us – with the exception of sin, of course.

In addition to all the above, He gave us a conscience which we need to inform, and which will guide us and aid us in avoiding sin.  Such a conscience is a precious gift which few safeguard or use as God intended.

In closing, few realize or appreciate all that God has done for us.  If they did, they would be “ordinary” saints bound for Heaven.  It’s not hard; most people do not realize how easy it is.  So, they give up the spiritual life and live like the rest of society.  It is never too late to reverse course!

So let us not wait!  Let us start today with prayer and study!