A “Good” Life is Possible in the Catacombs

Catholic Candle note: We received this article from a reader. 


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When it is God’s Will for us, we can do without the Mass and the Sacraments But With Our Lord in a Special Way


We’re not alone in the catacombs.  Our Lord compensates in a special way when we stand up against compromising priests and church leaders.  How does He compensate in that special way?  Well, I’ll tell you with first-hand experience.  To summarize in a few words: I’ve been happy and confident I’m following His will.

Without the Mass we might think we would be lost, but no, not so.  It is true that at Mass, the priest does act “in the person of Christ” (as the theologians say), and Christ then acts as our Mediator with God.   But many of us somewhat took advantage of that (while we still had Mass), and we let the priest “do all the work”.   Now, without the Mass and the priest, our relationship with Our Lord has to be one-on-One. 

God sent us the current circumstances in which we need to speak directly to God without a priest who stands in place of Christ for us.  As God sent us these circumstances and Wills that we be in them for His glory and our salvation, this circumstance can make us feel so much closer to Him.  He can feel like a part of us now as never before.

Without that weekly Confession available, we can have a much greater understanding of just how evil sin is, and how it hurts Our Lord – because we can’t confess every week and “start over, no problem”.  We can now realize it is far better not to sin even in the smallest way (i.e., venial sin), and we can do this with God’s help, because we’re now much closer to Our Lord one-on-One.

Without weekly reception of Our Lord in Holy Communion, it would seem to be a real loss, but we can make up in a special way with frequent, very slow and devout Spiritual Communions at least four times per day.  Doing this, it is twenty-eight Spiritual Communions per week vs. one “Sunday Catholic” Sacramental Communion.  The many Spiritual Communions can bring us closer to Our Lord when said with devotion and love.

Also, with the Mass on Sunday, compensation comes from reading each word from our missals with greater devotion and understanding, rather than attending a Mass expecting the priest to do most of the understanding and devotion.

The above four things we can willingly do without, for the Love of God.  Of course, the Mass and the Sacraments are an infinite treasure, which we should ardently long to receive when God sends them to us.  However, it is incomparably better to be in the catacombs with Him, but without the Mass and Sacraments, than to sin by attending compromise Masses and receiving compromise Sacraments!

We know also, sadly, that there are other things – like the beautiful liturgical music at Mass and parish devotions.  Plus, social parish gatherings, etc.  However, Our Lord will more than compensate for loss of these, with many spiritual graces.  He is never outdone in generosity!

To be sure, there are, unfortunately, only a few like-minded traditional Catholics in the catacombs, but their friendship is strong and loving.  The good Lord has always provided – and will continue to provide – what is needed for those who stand up for Him.  Bet on it!