A “Delicate” Conscience is Necessary for a Happy Judgment

Your conscience is a most generous gift from God.  Without it, salvation is impossible (for those capable of committing sin).  The conscience is sometimes called the “Voice of God.”  Our conscience approves the right and condemns the wrong.  We should strive for a “delicate” or tender conscience.  That is one which impels us to avoid anything that is evil to the slightest degree.[1]

A tender conscience is the conscience of the Saints, and you must be a Saint in order to get to heaven.

Thus, within ourselves there is a recognition of a Supreme Lawgiver to Whom we are responsible,[2] Who will reward the good we do and punish the evil, at our Particular Judgment.  As soon as each soul leaves the body at death, it undergoes the Particular Judgment, at which its eternal destiny is decided.  Every one of us will render an account of ourselves to God.[3]  Jesus Christ is the judge of every thought, word, act, and omission during our life.  Our whole life will be spread before us like a great picture.  The rewards or punishment after the Particular Judgment are Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell.[4]

We should prepare for the Particular Judgment by informing and fostering a delicate conscience and living by it.  To inform your conscience, you must study the traditional Catholic Faith and lives of the Saints, and implement in your life what you have learned. 

Next, you must keep your conscience “tender” and avoid the slightest degree of evil.  Keeping a tender conscience is the biggest problem for most people.

Be vigilant to keep your conscience tender and do not allow it to gradually develop into a “hardened” conscience, that is, one willing to overlook small evils and, over time, accept increasingly greater evils.  A hardened conscience must be avoided if you seek to be rewarded at your Particular Judgment.

You should never go to sleep without being prepared for your Particular Judgment.  And how do you do that in the Catacombs?  Examine your conscience every night; make an Act of Contrition and a Spiritual Communion, both as perfectly as possible.

Continue to study the traditional Catholic Faith to keep your conscience informed, which is most necessary to help you stand up for Christ the King and fight against the evils of the conciliar church.

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