The Easy and Only Way to Be a Saint: LOVE GOD

If you think it is hard to be a saint, you (and almost all others) have listened to the devil who convinced you it is nearly impossible, so why even try?  (God and heaven are all love; the devil and hell are all hate.)

It’s not hard to love God Who is infinitely good and loves us immensely.  Our hearts were created to love God, as our ears were made to hear how He loves us.  God certainly demonstrated His love for us during His 33 years on earth.

The devil also plants the idea that God is stern and quick to punish and you should be afraid of Him.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  God is just, which is a divine virtue that you should thank Him for.  But it is also important to realize that God is love, mercy, and sweetness, and loves you so much He died for you.  There is no greater love than one who gives up his life for another.

The members of your family love each other to a point that all want that fact to be known.  So each member of the family tries to demonstrate that with gifts, hugs, kisses, and words of affection.  Your love for God is not something you have to outwardly prove to Him every day, because He can “read” your heart.  He knows you love Him without your spending your life in the desert, dressed in sackcloth and ashes.  The saint in the desert is an extraordinary saint, called to do extraordinary things.  You live your lives in the world – but not of the world.  You love God and live accordingly.  You do God’s will as uncompromising traditional Catholics, quick to stand up for Christ the King.

You strive to become ordinary saints.  You are called to be saints, but not necessarily to perform extraordinary tasks, (for example, one who has been called by God to start a religious order like the Franciscans, etc.)

Let’s consider the steps one must take to learn to love God.

     1)  You have real interest in knowing and loving God.

     2)  You must learn much about God so you are willing to study much.

     3)  You are willing to sacrifice out of love.

     4)  You must have faith that your love is returned.

     5)  It’s only natural to speak often to someone you love.  

Thus, when you talk to God, it should be like talking to a friend – not a taskmaster, but a friend.  So do it often, through the day and when you awake at night.  He is always there and ready to help.  “Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in My name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  (St. John's Gospel, 14:13)  

The biggest confidence-building point in your journey to becoming an ordinary saint is understanding God’s ability to read what is in your heart.  Therein lies the truth that can’t be deceptively altered.

Another duty one has on this journey is to set the best of examples for others to follow.  No compromise with liberalism to avoid criticism or loss of family or friends.

Another big help in your efforts to love God is His Mother’s help.  She is all-powerful (through her Son) and is just waiting for your request for help to love her Son and join her in heaven.

Also, don’t forget your Guardian angel.  He is waiting to help and share his love for God.

It is important while on this journey to sanctity, to talk with God many times in a day, expressing your love and offering help to do His will saving souls.  You must always be in the state of grace, of course, and avoid sin at all costs.  If life without sin is your problem, you have very much work to do to build a sinless platform to spring forward on your journey to sanctity.  Christ does not ask the impossible of Catholics, in order for us to get to heaven.  He made us specifically to be in heaven with Him.  He did His part; now, it’s up to you (with His help).

Isn’t it wonderful to know God is in charge and that He loves you more than we can understand?  It’s important to speak about your love for God and set the example for others to follow.

There are many more saints in heaven than those listed in the saint books.  So, take heart, love God, and live your life accordingly.  An indication of your love for God is your willingness (with real satisfaction) to defend God and His Church against all odds.  If this is not the case in your life, you’re on the wrong track, and changes must be made.  You’re probably depending on the N-SSPX or other liberals for guidance and direction.  You cannot simply give them what is your responsibility for your own salvation.  Handing it off to others is very dangerous, and yes, uncertain.  Follow the five steps above and secure your sanctity.