The “new”, liberal SSPX portrays a family which fits with the world and the conciliar church

When a person wears a wedding ring, it tells people that he/she is married.  The absence of a wedding ring tells people that the person is not married. 

In the August-September 2019 Regina Coeli Report, the “new” SSPX’s theme was the family (the “domestic church”).  The cover photo is of a smiling family and neither parent has a wedding ring.[1] 

In this same photo, the family has two children – the maximum number approved by the world.

In this photo, the boy is dressed in pink – an approved color for boys and men in our corrupt, upside-down world.  Promoting pink for boys and men feminizes them, contributes to the destruction of the fathers’ leadership, and promotes to the very gender confusion so rampant today.


[1]           Here is the website where this commercial photo is offered to the public:

Here are more pictures of the same couple, some of which show the parents’ ringless fingers from other angles: