Let’s “Walk A Mile” In Our Lord’s Sandals To Better Understand How He Is Suffering, And How To Comfort Him


To “walk a mile” in Our Lord’s sandals, we will witness how He has suffered for over 50 years because of the crisis which the Second Vatican Council caused in His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church.

 It is something like a member of your family who has lost the Faith and is now plotting against you as a Traditionalist. For the past 50-plus years Our Lord has been put through His Passion all over again, due to the evil and destructive changes of Vatican II. We will also witness how Church leadership turned against Him to implement these evil heresies. Some of these leaders are anti-Catholic Masons.

To again drive the nails in Our Lord’s hands and feet, Rome is making “saints” of these traitorous conciliar popes.

For a time, there was an archbishop and a society giving comfort to Our Lord by upholding Tradition and resisting the changes. But with the death of Archbishop Lefebvre and with the current leadership in the Society that succumbed to Modernist pressure and Liberalism, all that changed.

This weak leadership is currently willing to compromise principles and lead their followers into the conciliar church and out of the Catholic Church. They do this by making the misguided effort to be recognized by (and subject to) Rome, the seat of the anti-Christ. Much the same as the Society of St. Peter and other religious societies that made a deal with Rome.

Today, the only comfort for Our Lord is the very small remnant of uncompromising Traditional Catholics, who must stand firm, come what may, in order to comfort Our Lord.

This conciliar church is not merely a liberal way of thinking. It is a human organization (which deceptively uses the name “Catholic”).

Listed below are some of the VC II evil, destructive, anti-Catholic heresies put in place by the conciliar church. Consider each one as a painful lash of the whip, as Christ is again scourged at the pillar.

1.            False doctrines (e.g., the teachings of Vatican II);


2.            False and sacrilegious worship (e.g., the new mass, with the words of Consecration changed, as if Our Lord didn’t know better and second-guessed Himself);


3.            Places for sacrileges (viz., the conciliar churches that were stolen from the Catholic Church;


4.            False priesthood (the new concept of priesthood; doubtfully valid ordinations;


5.            False laws (e.g., the bad 1983 Code of Canon Law);


6.            False catechisms (e.g., the conciliar church catechism, called the “Catechism of the Catholic Church”);


7.            False bibles (e.g., those replacing the Douay Rheims Bible);


8.            The new politically-correct “Decalogue” (i.e., the new “Ten Commandments”) promoted by “saint” Pope John Paul II);


9.            The new politically-correct “beatitudes” promoted by Pope Francis;


10.         The new rosary (the so-called “luminous mysteries”);


11.         New (supposed) “saints” (e.g., so-called “saint” Pope John Paul II), and the new canonization process;


12.         The new (supposed) “sacraments” with conciliar names and formulae;


13.         The new (supposed) “miracles” and “apparitions”;


14.         The hierarchy, who serve in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy and also in the (anti-Catholic) conciliar church’s hierarchy;


15.         The Amazonian Synod pushing for female priests and against priestly celibacy;


16.         Corrupt Catholic religious organizations; and


17.         All-but-eliminating religious clothing, thereby effectively making priests and sisters a part of the world.


This conciliar church is a different (and false) religion. It uses the power structures of the Catholic Church for its own ends, punishing (including excommunicating) those who resist this (false) conciliar church. Again, the conciliar church is a human organization, not just a mindset.

 It is easy to understand how greatly Our Lord is suffering all over again in His

Passion because of the traitorous, conciliar Church leaders implementing anti-Catholic changes in the human element of the Church that He died to establish. Just consider all the souls lost – and will be lost – until Russia is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We were told by the leaders of Vatican II that changes must be made – first: in order to be a part of the world, and second: in order to remain relevant in an ever-changing world. These changes have resulted in the destruction of the human element in the Catholic Church.

Christ loves mankind very much to be so exceedingly patient (i.e., giving us time to repent), and for not striking a quick final blow to end this blasphemy.

The above list of heresies promoted by the conciliar church dictates a question that only the New (liberal) SSPX leadership can answer: Why Why – would any responsible leader want to negotiate a deal with Rome that would subject its followers and clergy to the jurisdiction of the conciliar church?

So, uncompromising Traditional Catholics must continue to comfort Our Lord with

steadfast loyalty to Catholic Tradition and to Christ the King.