The Crisis in the Church Affects Members in Different Ways

First:  There are the low-information Catholics who accept and obey any changes as good and worthwhile.  They fail to realize their perceived faith is meaningless, with little or no value for what counts in their hope of salvation.  It is based on the

feeling that you pray or go to Mass only if you really want to.  (If it’s “meaningful”.)  They also have a misguided understanding of obedience.

Second:  Members who go-along-to-get-along.  They are willing to compromise their principles and their faith, as well as to accept a liberal pastor in order to obtain the Sacraments and the Mass, no matter what the cost.  Their plan is to avoid conflict, overlook gradualism, and to be highly thought of.  They don’t want to give up friendships or family ties.  They refuse to believe their compromises will greatly weaken their faith.  They (mistakenly) believe God will understand.  They take comfort in numbers for there are a great many with them on the wide, smooth path to perdition that they travel.  They fail to do any research on the crisis for fear they will find they are wrong and therefore must re-think the direction they are headed.    

Third: Members who are uncompromising and are devastated by the very disastrous changes caused by Vatican II and post-VC II additional and even more harmful changes.  These members realize just how destructive the changes have been to a point that it seems there is no longer a recognizable Catholic Church.  The conciliar hierarchy has taken the lead in seeking to destroy all worthwhile Catholic attributes and religious communities.  It seems that the Catholic Church has evolved into an anti-Catholic Conciliar church.  They have also eliminated the traditional Catholic Sacraments and the Tridentine Mass, founded by Christ, and replaced them with the conciliar (anti-Catholic) “sacraments” and the Novus Ordo “Mass”, which fail to give grace.  It’s easy to see that the Masons’ Vatican II plan is working.

Our Blessed Mother at Fatima stated that there would be a time when we will have only her Immaculate Heart and the Rosary.  It’s surely beginning to look like today is the time she was referring to.  We in the true Resistance know how hard it already is to find an uncompromising Catholic priest or parish, and I can assure you it will be almost impossible to find them in the future.

It is hard to believe that, in the human element of the Church, the traditional uncompromising Catholic Faith could fall so fast and so far in such a relatively short time.  Actually, it is understandable when we consider that the Conciliar church “sacraments” and “mass” fail to give grace.  I attribute that to little concern regarding the manifest liberal gradualism that has been promoted by the human element in Rome and local dioceses.  This liberalism started with John XXIII, the weak pope responsible for calling VC II.  It also proves God will not take away one’s free will, even if it is against His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church.

The conciliar corruption spread beyond the visible Catholic Church.  It has also adversely affected Culture throughout the world, education, Catholic influence, music, entertainment, the family, health, etc., etc.  Yes, every aspect of life.  And that’s all to be expected, considering the strong Masonic influence in Vatican II, and the implementation of their plan that followed.

Don’t despair.  God is still in charge, with the correction coming in His own good time.  Meanwhile, we in the real Resistance must pray every day for the consecration of Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, and to stand strong and uncompromising for Christ the King.  I’m sure we will receive extra graces to help us to remain confident and to succeed.