Bishop Fellay and Fr. Daniel Cooper

Pope Benedict & the Traditional Mass (Bishop Fellay vs. Archbishop Lefebvre)


In his 6-27-15 interview, Bishop Fellay insists on Pope Benedict’s sincere attachment to, and promotion of, the Traditional Liturgy:


[I]t is important to insist upon Benedict XVI’s interest for the liturgy in general.  He truly wished to put the entire traditional liturgy, not only the Mass, at the disposition of the priests and the faithful.


Quoted from:


Archbishop Lefebvre better understood the tactics of this same conciliar revolutionary:


They [then-Cardinal Ratzinger and the rest of the hierarchy] do not grant anything out of appreciation for the Traditional Liturgy, but simply to trick those to whom they give it and to diminish our resistance; to insert a wedge in the Traditional block so as to destroy it!


September 9, 1988 conference in Écône, (published in Fideliter 66, November-December 1988); English translation from June 2015 Recusant, p.7.



Fr. Daniel Cooper is Silent on Vatican II


Fr. Daniel Cooper, SSPX pastor in Arcadia, California, wrote in a July 2015 letter to parishioners:


A concerned parishioner said to me, “What’s wrong with the priests of the SSPX?  They never speak against Vatican II.  Now all we get is the gospel.” This is so typical.  She is complaining because the priests of the SSPX are doing their duty, spreading the message of the gospel.  But she wants them to be attacking Vatican II from the pulpit.  Very rarely is there a good reason to do this.


Page 2; emphasis added.


By avoiding mention of the principal errors of our time, Fr. Cooper fits in well with the SSPX’s new direction and will fit in well when the SSPX becomes a “recognized” (indult) group.