Black Lives Matter is Showing its “True Colors”

Catholic Candle note:  The article below follows up our previous article showing how closely the ideas and actions of the group, Black Lives Matter, follow the ideas and actions of Satan and Karl Marx.

Following up our prior article, we return briefly to the topic of the Marxist group, Black Lives Matter (“BLM”).  Last summer, BLM revealed more about itself, when it posted on the social media site, Instagram, concerning the anti-communist protest in Cuba.  BLM’s Instagram post showed that it considers promotion of Marxism to be more important than its supposed advocacy for black people.

Last summer, the people of Cuba protested more boldly and in larger numbers than at any time in the last 25 years.[1]  Along with the people’s many chants of “liberty”, there were also chants such as “down with the dictatorship”, “we want freedom”, and “we are no longer afraid”.[2] 

The Cuban communist government appeared somewhat unprepared for this major protest but, before long, they arrested and beat many people and dispersed the rest of them.[3]

This large protest by the people of Cuba appears to have been an outlet for their great suffering over decades.  Here are the conditions which the Cuban people have suffered over the decades:

Since the [Cuban communist] revolution [in 1959], most businesses are owned and run by the government and the workers are employees of the government. For the most part, the government prohibited people from owning or operating a business.  Government ownership is inefficient and causes the economy to perform poorly.  The average monthly wage (in July 2013) was about $19.  The government rations food in Cuba and there have been many serious food shortages and even starvation.  Until the government’s recent loosening (somewhat) of its attempts to control all aspects of its people’s lives, it was illegal to have a vegetable garden or raise food in any way.  In Cuba, it is still illegal for a private person to own land, and he cannot build a family home without governmental permission.  If the government gives this permission, it is still illegal to sell this home or own it.  The government has promised since 2009 to end these restrictions, but it has not yet happened.

Since Cuba’s revolution, much of the population has wanted to leave the country but is prevented from doing so by the government.  More than one million people have risked their lives to (successfully) escape Cuba, and tens of thousands have died attempting to escape. Most of these people have made the trip north to Florida in homemade boats and rafts, through shark-infested waters.

Cuba’s economy was a failure under communism, but the people managed to survive because the island received much material aid from the Soviet Union (another godless, communist country).

This aid ceased in the early 1990s and Cuba suffered a severe economic depression, from which it has not entirely recovered. For this reason, forced by severe economic problems, the government of Cuba began to relax some of its iron grip on the nation’s businesses. It began to seek foreign tourism as a means of getting money with which it could buy foreign food.[4] 

It is pitiable how these poor Cuban people suffer as slaves under their unjust, oppressive, and godless government.  Regrettably, that is what happens in all communist countries, not only in Cuba, but also in communist China and the rest.  (To take another example, in Hong Kong, the Chinese Communist Party has been ruthlessly cracking down on the people and has jailed and beaten nearly all of the leaders of the resistance, including non-communist members of Hong Kong’s parliament.)[5]

So far, the above-mentioned events are merely the typical scenario of brutal communist repression and they are almost not even “news”, just like it is not news that rats eat garbage in the alleys of big cities.  The interesting thing about these particular current events in Cuba was the reaction of Black Lives Matter.[6]

After the people’s large protest in Cuba and then the Cuban communist government’s repressive crackdown, Black Lives Matter took to Instagram to praise Cuba’s communist leaders (who are not themselves black), saying that:

Cuba has historically demonstrated solidarity with oppressed peoples of African descent, from protecting Black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur through granting her asylum, to supporting Black liberation struggles in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau and South Africa.[7]

Those so-called “Black liberation struggles” to which BLM refers, in Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau and South Africa, are all communist revolutions in those countries.[8]

Assata Shakur, whom BLM refers to as a Black revolutionary, is an American Black Liberation Army member and Black Panther Party member, who was involved in a number of bank robberies and shootouts with police, in her quest to “raise money” (i.e., steal money) for the Black Liberation Army.  She admitted that she committed those robberies and she was in U.S. prison, convicted of murder, when she escaped and was granted asylum in communist Cuba.[9]

Black Lives Matter’s pro-Cuba Instagram post also attacked the U.S. in these words:

Black Lives Matter condemns the U.S. federal government’s inhumane treatment of Cubans ….[10]

BLM’s praise of the ruthless Cuban communist leaders[11] is ironic and would seem ridiculous when one considers that BLM is praising non-black leaders who are oppressing the Cuban people, about one third of whom are black or part-black.[12] 

However, when we look at the big picture, BLM is really focused on promoting communist causes.  Its support of black people is simply a convenient façade.  BLM’s loyalty is to Marxism, not to the black people as such.  This is like BLM’s unflagging support for murdering innocent babies in abortion, although more black babies are murdered in this way than babies of any other race.[13]

From the above, we can see that Black Lives Matter is a tool of the communists (and of the devil).[14]  This helps us to better see the purpose of the Marxist riots, protests, and pressure which BLM has been applying to the U.S. and throughout the Western World, especially beginning in 2020.

We must pray and fight this godless movement![15]  We are Soldiers of Christ in the Church Militant.  The first duty of a Soldier of Christ is to deny the enemy access into our own homes, by excluding the mainstream media’s lies and the world’s evil entertainments.  

Next, we must daily fight in the battle against God’s enemies, in the four-fold way He has given us to fight.  Here are four things all of us can do:

  • Sanctify ourselves;
  • Pray hard for sinners and pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart by the pope and bishops of the world;
  • Be a good example to others by our own conduct; and
  • Spread and speak the truth in your “little corner of the world”.

We briefly discuss each of these points here:

We must never stop fighting and must never make a (dishonorable) peace with the world.  We should accept no final result but complete victory for Christ the King!

Let us go forth to battle!

[4]         Quoted from: Latin America: A Sketch of its Glorious Catholic Roots and a Snapshot of its Present, by the Editors of Quanta Cura Press, p.11, © 2016 (bracketed words added to show context; bold emphasis added).

[6]         Incidentally, Patrisse Cullors, one of the BLM founders, recently announced that she is “stepping away” from BLM for now, in order to write a book.  She stated that this move was long planned.  But she announced this move shortly after she and BLM recently received unexpected angry reactions to reports on conservative media that she quietly bought four mansions during the last few years, in different cities, costing a total of $3.2M.

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[11]          Black Lives Matter paid tribute to Fidel Castro, the communist Cuban revolutionary and leader, when he died in 2016, saying “Rest in Power”.

[12]   According the most recent demographic statistics we have, from 2002, 10% of Cubans are black and one quarter are part-black.