CC in brief — January 2021

Catholic Candle note: Catholic Candle normally examines particular issues thoroughly, at length, using the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas and the other Doctors of the Church.  By contrast, our feature CC in brief, gives an extremely short answer to a reader’s question.  We invite readers to submit their own questions.



CC in brief


Q.  Why does the SSPX now lean liberal with its followers?


A.  If traditional Catholic individuals or groups don’t fight against liberalism every day, gradualism will take over and they will become liberal over time.  The “new” SSPX no longer fights against liberalism daily as Archbishop Lefebvre did.  They might merely mention the problem of liberalism, but they do not fight against it. 



Catholic Candle note: Here are some articles cataloging some of the liberalism of the “new” SSPX:  (from this page on our old website, click on the folder labeled “Society of St. Pius X”).