The Ladder of Objective Truth: God’s school of sanctity

Objective Truth Series – reflections article #11

In the last several reflections, we have examined how God sculptures souls, how He reveals what one should know about oneself through the corrections of others. We have also considered ways one can keep alert against pride and the subtle tricks of the devil who is always trying to ensnare souls in pride. We considered how Our Mother Mary teaches us tactics to counter the devil including making acts of humbling ourselves. It is rather like a student in a course of humility.

As the years of one’s life roll by, one often finds that he comes to certain landmarks of understanding. This occurs also in the spiritual school as well. God has an amazing way of bringing His Truth out, to what seems for a soul,—into a new light.  This new light is really the soul seeing things in a more objective way. Thus, this more objective way seems completely new to the soul.

God, in His Infinite Goodness and Wisdom, knows when a soul is ready to receive insights that God wants to give. God prepares the soul by events and circumstances and having the soul make incremental steps of minor understanding of how life works. God also prepares the soul to be open and docile to His Instructions, much like a farmer preparing the soil for seeds. The soul finds itself making certain comparisons and drawing certain conclusions that it never did before.

One finds himself amazed that something he sees now as so obvious, he never saw before.  Yet, one must keep in mind how God works on souls and he will certainly understand how God gave the seemingly “new” insight in the timing that was God’s alone. These insights are things that stay with the soul, in other words, the soul does not forget them. They are true learning and make permanent effects on the soul. In this way the soul feels itself drawn to a higher level, much like a mountain climber when he looks down after reaching a new height.

Gratitude comes over the soul and the soul finds itself thanking God and loving God more. This new insight may be something that seems to be an irony, a paradox, a contradiction, yet this insight turns out to be a show of God’s Infinite Mercy, Goodness, and Generosity. The insight delights the soul and the soul finds itself marveling in awe.  This insight is so unexpected that it could never be anticipated or imagined ahead of time.

For example, one could consider a man who liked electrical appliances and always liked to have the nicest and most convenient ones which were available on the market. However, it seemed that many of his appliances were breaking down very often and he spent a lot of time troubleshooting and/or replacing his appliances.  After dealing with what he considered “a cross” for a long period of years, one day it occurred to him while he was in prayer that God had been showing him that he was too attached to things of the world. The man was amazed at first that this idea had not come to him before.  Yet as he pondered the subject a bit more, it became clear to him that God revealed this defect to him now because he was ready to see it now, but had not been ready previously.

It is often in this way the soul finds the understanding of things that it never considered before. Then the soul often finds in itself a higher level of love for God sparked, that seems to come out of the blue.

Reflecting back, because hindsight is 20/20, one also finds that he accepts crosses with a more even temper.  He doesn’t find himself getting as annoyed with things as much as he used to. God is tempering the soul and calming it down and giving His peace to the soul. It is as if the soul becomes more indifferent to troubles.  The soul then can see God’s Will in all things. Likewise, one can then see the truth in St. Paul’s words, “All things work together unto the good for those who love God.”   Romans, 8:28. Therefore, the soul doesn’t fret but keeps its peace.  A soul could find itself saying inside the following words:

Gentle Master, thou hast me shown,

In all the years that, I have known,

Lessons learned, along my life’s way,

You have taught me, from day to day.


Thy mercy to me, wretch that I am,

Training me to be, a gentler lamb,

So I could seek, like Thee to be,

Thou makest things, clearer to me.


And step by step, this ladder I climb,

Of Thy Truth, evermore sublime,

Unworthy though, I know I be,

Yet wouldst bring me, higher to Thee.


Now I durst but, only thee beg,

Thou willst that I go up, peg by peg,

More grateful I find, myself to know,

Thou didst bring me, e’re I go.


Sublime Truth, for Thee I now thirst,

And now, for me Thou art first,

My one and only, heart’s desire,

‘Cause Thou hast kindled, my mind’s fire.


Oh ladder of, objective Truth,

I hunt for Thee, like a sleuth,

I’m grateful to be, in the seeking,

And that I am, in Thy keeping.