Practical effects of Vatican II

Catholic Candle note:  The article below uses various objectively-measurable criterion (such as the number of priests) to show how Vatican II devastated the human element of the Church. 

However, this article uses the conciliar church’s own statistics, which don’t distinguish between certainly-valid priests and sacraments, compared to the doubtfully-valid ones which should be treated as invalid.  For this reason, the statistics given below are not nearly as bad as the real ones.


What Teaching of the Second Vatican Council “Eliminated” the Need for the Catholic Church?

Answer: The false teaching of universal salvation or everybody goes to heaven.  I’m afraid those in the conciliar church are willing to believe that error, because people tend to believe what they want to believe, and especially when it is easy and convenient.  In addition to the attractiveness of this error, people accept it because they were taught to follow the teachings of the Church’s leaders.

It is easy to understand who is behind the error of universal salvation and promotes it – the devil, the Masons, the leaders of false religions, and the liberal modernist leaders who are part of the human element of the Catholic Church (in Rome and elsewhere).  These leaders (or their like-minded colleagues), all took part in the Second Vatican Council. 

In addition, it is easy to see that the following would be the inevitable results.  Listed below are some statistics from 1965 – 2016[1] indicating just how devastating this false teaching has been on the religious and lay groups of the Catholic Church.  It has:


1)          All but eliminated religious fervor and the (perceived) need for the Catholic Church;


2)          Greatly reduced Mass attendance – down 33%;


3)          Greatly reduced financial support for the Church;


4)          Greatly reduced confessions;


5)          Greatly reduced family prayer;


6)          Greatly reduced priestly vocations – down 63%;


7)          Greatly reduced the number of Catholic schools – down 50%;


8)          Greatly reduced the number of marriages – down 42%;


9)          Greatly reduced the number of baptisms – down 51%;


10)       Greatly increased the number of cremations;


11)       All but eliminated Extreme Unction;


12)       Eliminated the (perceived) need for Requiem masses and prayers for the dead;


13)       Changed the “mass” into entertainment, rather than prayer for the poor souls;


14)       Eliminated Holy Days;


15)       Eliminated the (perceived) obligation to abstain from meat on Fridays;


16)       Greatly reduced the number of religious Sisters – down 262%!  (Most of the remaining sisters are elderly.)


17)       Increased divorces and troubled families;


18)       Increased the number of single parents;


19)       Greatly reduced the number of religious Brothers – down 300%!


20)       Greatly increased the number of parishes without a priest – up 600%!


21)       This false teaching (viz., universal salvation) suggests or fosters the idea of no punishment for sin.


Some of the above points have no statistics, but it is easy to believe the decline is taking place.  There will be other, worse statistics to come – as all religious fervor and morals are easily forgotten with “assured salvation.”

In the past, salvation was known to be uncertain, so many people developed religious fervor because they wanted to avoid hell and go to heaven.  If heaven is “assured” by VC II, religious fervor is not on people’s minds, and is believed to be unnecessary.

The fire and brimstone sermons from the pulpit are a thing of the past.  Now, at funerals the deceased are looking down on us, very happy and smiling.  It is what most of those still living want to believe about their deceased loved ones.  It is also comforting for everyone to think they will experience the same when it’s time for them to pass on.

Before Vatican II, Catholics knew that one of the main reasons for Christ coming to earth and suffering for us, was to show us how to save our souls and earn heaven.  So, Catholics supported the Church and worked to reach the goal of heaven.  But it is so much easier to believe that the goal is “assured” without any real effort on our part, and so people follow their liberal leaders, including the pastors of their conciliar parishes.

It is not enough to belong to the Church to be saved.   Only those Catholics who live according to the (traditional) teachings of the Catholic Church will be saved.[2]  Thus, there is no easy way out (i.e., everyone goes to heaven).  Christ showed us the way for 33 years on earth.  We must follow His example and carry our crosses, no matter how heavy, to reach our goal of salvation.

[1]               Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, 2018,


[2]           My Catholic Faith, by Bishop Louis Morrow, My Mission House, Kenosha, WI, ©1948, p.141.