Why Is It Taking So Long for the Liberal SSPX To Make a Deal With Liberal Rome?

Catholic Candle note:  The article below echoes Our Lady of La Salette, referring to modernist Rome as the seat of the Antichrist.  However, a reader would be mistaken if he assumed that this somehow means that Pope Francis is not the pope.  He is the pope but is a bad pope.

Sedevacantism is wrong and is (material or formal) schism.  Catholic Candle is not sedevacantist.  On the contrary, we published a series of articles showing that sedevacantism is false (and also showing that former Pope Benedict is not still the pope).  Read the articles here: https://catholiccandle.neocities.org/faith/against-sedevacantism.html 

Here is what St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Doctor of the Church, teaches concerning the need to recognize and respect the authority of a superior – such as the pope – even when that superior is bad:

Even should the life of any superior be so notoriously wicked as to admit of no excuse or dissimulation, nevertheless, for God’s sake, Who is the source of all power, we are bound to honor such a one, not on account of his personal merits, which are non-existent, but because of the divine ordination and the dignity of his office.[1]

However, even while recognizing the pope’s authority and our duty to obey him when we are able, we know we must resist the evil he says and does.  Read more about this principle here: https://catholiccandle.neocities.org/faith/against-sedevacantism.html#section-7


Why Is It Taking So Long for the Liberal SSPX To Make a Deal With Liberal Rome?

Out of necessity, the liberal SSPX had to adopt a policy of gradualism in order to retain its followers, keep them in the dark, and forestall their understanding what liberal compromises they will have to accept in order to get a deal.

Both Rome and the N-SSPX realize that the followers of the Society are not yet ready to approve 100% of Vatical II, the new mass, and parishes subject to the (so-called) “bishops” of the conciliar church.  If such a deal were made today, Rome and the N-SSPX fear mass defections.

Thus, the N-SSPX has adopted a policy of gradualism, moving slowly, ever so slowly, into greater liberalism.  They hide what they can get away with, as they have done since the death of Archbishop Lefebvre.

A policy of gradualism means that, little-by-little, N-SSPX followers are accepting things they have previously rejected.  Listed below are some of the points of the gradualism game plan, plus some trial balloons.

1.        The Society never preaches against VC II or Rome’s heresies.  They just mention them when necessary, but never severely criticize them or openly reject them.

2.        The N-SSPX joins in celebrations with the conciliar church, nationally or locally, to promote acceptance of, and union with, the conciliar church.  (A trial balloon)

3.        The Society is conditioning its followers to receive conciliar “bishops” or “priests” at N-SSPX parishes.  (A trial balloon)

4.        The Society will punish any priest who objects to the game plan of fully accepting the conciliar church eventually.

5.        N-SSPX leaders now show by their own example that it is okay to attend the new mass.  (A trial balloon)

6.        They are slowly liberalizing their followers, just as Rome liberalized nearly all Catholics after the Second Vatican Council.  Slowly, but inexorably, until the drastic and disastrous changes are completely accepted.


7.        The N-SSPX now says that the new mass is one of the ways we can obtain grace.


8.        From time-to-time, the N-SSPX puts out liberal trial balloons to test for acceptance or rejection of various proposals.  


9.        The Society openly accepts 95% of VC II.  (A trial balloon)  100% acceptance will come later.


10.     The N-SSPX publicly thanked Rome for a false “freeing” of the Mass (the July 2007 motu proprio) which could not, and did not, help uncompromising priests (because they could not use the motu proprio without accepting the new mass).


11.     The N-SSPX publicly thanked Rome for the false “lifting” of the supposed excommunications of the SSPX bishops, even though:


a.    the excommunications are/were unjust, void and never had true force of law;


b.    Rome in effect merely lifted the punishment but continues to claim the excommunications are justified; and


c.     The (supposed) excommunications continued against Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Castro Meyer.


12.     By accepting the following elements of ordinary jurisdiction from Rome, the N-SSPX creates a need for a deal with Rome and a supposed need to be under the control of the conciliar church.  (The SSPX has – and always has had – sacramental jurisdiction, because of the State of Emergency in the human element of the Church.)


a.    Accepting and thanking Rome for giving the N-SSPX ordinary jurisdiction for hearing confessions.  (A trial balloon)

b.    Accepting and thanking Rome for giving the N-SSPX ordinary jurisdiction for marriages.  BUT THEY MUST ASK THE LOCAL DIOCESE TO PERFORM THE MARRIAGES AND ACCEPT THE LOCAL CONCILIAR “PRIEST” IF HE AGREES TO COME TO PERFORM THE MARRIAGE.  (A trial balloon)

13.     To avoid being criticized for trying to obtain recognition from the anti-Catholic conciliar church, the N-SSPX states there is no conciliar church, only the Catholic Church.  (Contrary to what Archbishop Lefebvre and the OLD SSPX taught.)  

The reason Rome doesn’t want mass defections from the N-SSPX is to avoid a strong resistance against Rome’s heresies, similar to the old SSPX started by Archbishop Lefebvre.  Rome would have to start all over again to subvert it, as they have subverted the current liberal N-SSPX.

Conciliar church leaders in Rome insist that the N-SSPX must accept 100% of the new mass and the evils of VC II.  So, you can see it will take some time to put the followers of the Society sufficiently “to sleep” so that they will accept a Rome-sponsored deal.  It is more than likely Rome will win again, as it has with six other supposedly-traditional religious societies that made a devastating liberal deal with the seat of the Antichrist, Rome.[2]

Hang strong, pilgrims, in the real resistance!  God will triumph!

[1]           Quoted from St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Third Sermon for Advent, entitled: On the Three Advents of the Lord and the Seven Pillars which we ought to Erect within us.


[2]           Read about the disastrous compromises of the “traditional” groups which have made a deal with Rome, here: https://catholiccandle.neocities.org/priests/sspx-societies-made-deal.html