Is There Room for Compromise, Gradualism, Liberalism, and Modernism in the Catacombs?

Catholic Candle note:  The following article helps to explain how salvation is surely possible for uncompromising Traditional Catholics, who for a time are without the Mass and Sacraments, at least in most places.  One doesn’t have to compromise his principles and overlook liberalism just so that he can have the Sacraments and the Mass (with a compromising priest).

If a person responds to the above question that he has to overlook some liberalism to “secure the sacraments” (at least in most places), then this person is really compromising, along with:

     1.  seven bishops;

     2.  hundreds of priests;

     3.  thousands of gullible followers of the liberal N-SSPX; and 

     4.  other liberal religious communities, (like the Fraternity of St. Peter).

These groups say that those Catholics who are truly uncompromising, are too strict and are wrong.  I ask: Is it, then, also wrong to be too loyal to Our Lord?

Currently, uncompromising Traditional Catholics are without an uncompromising priest or bishop (at least in most places).  God will provide in His own good time for the needs of the loyal soldier in the battle against corrupt conciliar church leaders in Rome and Catholics who are (objectively) compromising.

It’s not easy to live in the catacombs, but there are compensations – like extra graces – as those in the catacombs can attest.  One will also feel grateful and happy that he is doing his part in this great worldwide fight for Christ the King, when so many have abandoned Him.  (“This part” might include speaking often against liberalism, wherever you find it.)

Also, uncompromising Traditional Catholics find they have a closer friendship with Christ and want to do more, e.g., setting a most-needed good example for others to follow in a world that has rejected Christ.

Many clergy who are (objectively) compromising were on the right track but then weakened, I believe, because of pride.[1]  Or perhaps because they lacked the moral courage to resist the liberal direction their N-SSPX leaders (or others) had taken.  Also, the N-SSPX leaders were too concerned about the number of followers they had and were anxious to avoid defections.  This is a critical consideration in order to make a deal with the anti-Catholic conciliar church in Rome.  Rome doesn’t want the mass defection (from the liberal N-SSPX) of persons who would fight against the conciliar church and liberalism in order to return Rome to tradition.

Many lay followers were not concerned about small compromises with liberalism and so they gradually abandoned Archbishop Lefebvre’s stand for tradition.  These followers mistakenly believed that to be saved you must have the Mass and Sacraments without interruption.  It’s easy for a person within a large group to rationalize his defection from tradition and from Christ, by falsely believing God will understand because He knows people need the Mass and Sacraments.  Oh, no He won’t!  He really expects and wants loyalty and sacrifice.

The last fifty-five years show the majority of religious leaders were quick to abandon tradition and succumb to the liberalism of Vatican II, much the same as the apostles abandoned Christ during His Passion.  If one has to choose between the path of being loyal to Our Lord (including uncompromising tradition), and the path of overlooking liberalism in a compromise group in order to receive the Mass and the Sacraments, I know which path really leads to salvation!

Those who compromise are sure to ask how does one expect salvation without a priest and confession?  Well, with God’s help, where there’s a will there’s a way.  One surely doesn’t have the luxury of giving in to his passions or temptations and then being “excused” by a Saturday afternoon confession.  However, since we are all sinners, and we could possibly fall into grave sin despite extra graces at the time of death, the prospect of dying without (an uncompromising priest for) confession  would be horrifying were it not for the knowledge that a merciful God has provided for this with a perfect Act of Contrition.[2]  This prayer, said sincerely and with God’s help, is literally a God-send.  United with a pledge to go to (an uncompromising priest for) confession when available, this heartfelt prayer restores the dying person to grace at once. 

Uncompromising Traditional Catholics who are currently without an uncompromising priest are given extra graces and spiritual strength to help fight against evil and temptations, as those persons can attest.

We must avoid compromises such as accepting sacraments and sacramentals from a compromising priest or bishop (although we must not judge their interior culpability).  Accepting even one such compromise is the start of gradualism, the seat of liberalism and damnation.  Such situations give apparent approval to the compromising bishop or priest.  It is important to be consistent in all our actions.  If not, one bad concession causes a person to lose his credibility and his ability to set a good example – maybe forever.  

Let’s pray hard, be happy, and confident that we are in the right place by not compromising, and by doing what we can for Christ the King, Who is in charge and will triumph in the end!

[1]          See, e.g., this bragging of the “new” SSPX:

[2]          The Catholic Encyclopedia teaches:

Perfect contrition, with the desire of receiving the Sacrament of Penance, restores the sinner to grace at once.  This is certainly the teaching of the Scholastic doctors (Peter Lombard in P.L., CXCII, 885; St. Thomas, In Lib. Sent. IV, ibid.; St. Bonaventure, In Lib. Sent. IV, ibid.).

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