The “new”, liberal SSPX praises Pope Francis’s thought because it is original

We are Traditional Catholics.  We follow traditional ideas and we follow leaders who think according to tradition.  New thinking can be bad – either in us and in our religious leaders.

Pope St. Pius X declared this truth in these words:

[T]he true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators, but traditionalists.[1]

Archbishop Lefebvre declared this same truth in these words:

Our future is the past.[2]

Recently, the N-SSPX commented on Pope Francis’s false and politically-correct environmentalist manifesto, Laudato Si, praising his extreme ideas because they are original (i.e., new).  Here are the N-SSPX’s words:

[F]or Francis, integral ecology is what would be the culmination of all social sciences, allowing a global approach – holistic or integral – to human nature.  This thought, which has the merit of being original, remains in the pure natural domain.[3]

To praise an idea mainly because it is original is ridiculous.  In our modern world, original ideas are more often bad than good, (e.g., The world was created by a big bang.)  We should praise an idea only if it is true.

The N-SSPX will do or say practically anything to please Rome and to get a deal.

[1]           Pope St. Pius X, encyclical Our Apostolic Mandate, August 25, 1910.

[2]           Archbishop Lefebvre quoted in his obituary printed here: