September 2019

In Case You Missed It …

The “new”, liberal SSPX portrays

a family which fits with the world and the conciliar church

When a person wears a wedding ring, it tells people that he/she is married.  The absence of a wedding ring tells people that the person is not married. 

In the August-September 2019 Regina Coeli Report, the “new” SSPX’s theme was the family (the “domestic church”).  The cover photo is of a smiling family and neither parent has a wedding ring.[1] 

In this same photo, the family has two children – the maximum number approved by the world.

In this photo, the boy is dressed in pink – an approved color for boys and men in our corrupt, upside-down world.  Promoting pink for boys and men feminizes them, contributes to the destruction of the fathers’ leadership, and promotes to the very gender confusion so rampant today.


[1]           Here is the website where this commercial photo is offered to the public:

Here are more pictures of the same couple, some of which show the parents’ ringless fingers from other angles:

July 2019

In Case You Missed It …

Information to Counter the Liberal Gradualism

We must Fight against Every Day

The words of the “new” liberal SSPX in Florida, in 2019:

Thursday is Ascension of the Lord.  In Florida, this Thursday is not a day of obligation.  The day of obligation is reported on Sunday.  Nevertheless, you are of course more than invited to come to Mass and to celebrate as best as you can this ascension of the Lord ….[1]

What won’t the “new” SSPX not emphasize to accustom its followers to the lax conciliar way of living?

[1]          Listen to the N-SSPX priest here: (emphasis added).

June 2019

In Case You Missed It …

Important Information to Counter the Liberal Gradualism

We must Fight against Every Day

SSPX seminary rector, Fr. Yves LeRoux, wrote:

It is indeed essential for the priest to be rooted in the Church, whether through his diocese or through a religious congregation ….[1]

Fr. LeRoux promotes the local dioceses as a way to be “rooted in the Church”, even though they are all occupied by the enemy, viz., anti-Catholic conciliar church.

[1]          April 12, 2019 letter to friends and benefactors, p.2 (emphasis added).